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We all fall down!

  The last few weeks my cards have been wrning me that it's time to slow down and really absorb everything that happens around me. To that end I am taking October off so I can stay home and focus on those things I would like to learn. I was suppose to start last week but ....

My entire week last week was spent battling a cold, migraines caused by my period and an infection that had my lymph nodes swolllen and painful. Nothing says "uphill battle" like bleeding, dripping nose, sweats and to top it all off *shudder* mouth breathing. Every moment I wasn't at work or the doctors was spent laying on the couch either trying not to move so my head didn't break into a thousand pieces or or trying to find a way to work up the energy to accomplish basic tasks like shower. It was so bad that I actually forgot I was suppose to work yesterday until they called me 15 minutes into my shift to ask if I was coming in.

That means this week is full of get all my shit done.
Monday I am working 5-9 because I just found out the girl who was suppose to work hurt herself and I guess I was the first fool to answer my phone.
Tuesday the ever patient Becka and Joe are having us for dinner. This will be the third reschedule they have put up with from us.
Wedensday is free but I did tell Rob I would head to Boston to see him while he is visiting and I hope that this is his only free day because it's my only free night.
Thursday is the High 5 rally and I am probably not going to get out of work until 5 then it's off to Igor's to help him with his invoices which  Iwas going to do on Friday but
Friday is Harvest at the Farm! I will be there all night
Saturday is PPD 7 am till 7 pm
Sunday is the Sunwheel at 10 followed by stuff with those people.

then i fall down Sunday night. How this week got so busy I honestly do not know. This puts me two weeks farther away from my goals and contributes a great deal to why I feel as if my brain is trying to follow a hundred different things at once. Focusing is a skill that seems to elude me at the moment. Hence my taking time off in October to really focus.

Being sick has done one thing for me though, I spent very little time online last week. KInda liked it. This has given me an idea. One of the things I have avoided in the last few years is time on the phone in favor of emails and text messages. For the next month we are going to flip things around, If you want to talk, call me. If I don't get to you right away leave a message and I will get back to you. My online time is going to drop severly so this may be the only way to touch base. If you don't have my number - drop me a line and I will send it to you. :)

ok, bedtime. Crazyass week starts soon.
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First and foremost-

Just a reminder there is a Solstice party here Sunday for those who can make it. Please bring a chair as we are short , a side dish and your favorite beverage. :) Show up any time between 1230-2 please. Woo! Party!

Now.. on to other matters.

I have been spending a little bit of time on a site called Primitive Ways. It is full of fun-making and thought provoking ideas. Everyone should have one "handy" skill that is not technology dependent (sex does not count :P) and there are a bunch of really excellent ones here.

Today was a long day at work. Worked 630- 900. Oy! I don't mind doing my part every now and then but man that is a long long shift. However the job is going pretty good. It's is just the right mix of busy, on my feet and paperwork stuff to keep me from going crazy. Most days. Plus I now write a weekly newsletter which is getting rave reviews and urgings to go into marketing.'s nice but if I wasn't doing it for fun it wouldn't be as good. Ya know? 

Learning that even Einstein knew that we are all the center of our own Universe. "It is impossible by any experiment whatsoever to determine absolute rest" he said. We are all the center relative to everything else. This jibes with the idea from most shamanic practices (and other Eastern schools of thought) that we are the center of our own sacred space and that is how we know we are in dharma. Science = magic! Who knew? 

I have decided we are going to add elderberries, seaberries and apple trees to the house next year. They all have their strengths.

Ok kids.. at the end of my awakeness. Sleep well and more tomorrow.

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 Taking my lunch break and thought I would just drop by lj land to say Hi everyone

Hi everyone!

Having an uber anxious day but the weather is good, I am getting stuff done, lately my life has presented me with some friends who are startling and wonderful, I work both here and at home with some pretty dedicated people an my Shiny boi still is amazing after all this time.

Life is good and the anxiety monster is held at bay.

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So I have sat here for the last hour or so staring at my screen debating what to write. There has been alot of turmoil in my life lately and while I would love to put it all down in it's start naked truth we all know that lj is not a place for truths as much as it is a place for controlled information.
Let's start with the disappointments. I am disappointed that people can't see past their own nose to help others. That helping someone does not then mean you are helped. That the people I considered community and family are so uninterested in being a community. I am disappointed in myself for giving up so much of me for so long.
I am sad to hear that people I wanted to trust have proven so untrustworthy. And that they have seemingly changed so much.
My goodwill is slowly evaporating. I know it is not all your fault but you bear some of the responsibility for what has happened. Cowboy up. Tell me you understand where you are fucking up. Try simply saying 'I'm sorry" not "I'm sorry here are my excuses why I am not to blame"
I am a little pissed at myself for falling apart all over the place lately. I used to have this thing called a backbone. Gods only knows where it went. THere also used to be a much larger pool of patience to draw from. Well that is what therapy is for. To help me get some of that back.
While I have limited time I think I need to see more people. Or something.More doing less sitting around and playing in my own poo. There are people I miss an awful lot.
My life is missing two things right now. cake and tits. mostly cake. damn it.
Work came and went today and still no word on what the hell my job actually is. Meantime
projects hang in the balance. *sigh*
Now the good stuff..
My boys are amazingly patient with all this.
School continues to be teh sexorz. If ever there comes a day when I can go full time color me gone.
Sometimes the Universe sends you people just when you need them the most. Thank all the Gods in the Universe for bringing me just such a person today.
My friends, the really good ones, well they are the shit. seriously. :)
Cleaning has a way of making things seem better.
Heroes!!!! oh ya... go Syler go.
THanks to tedivm for making me watch Dexter. Holy shit kinda good.
The cool weather is coming and I feel the urge to get the stove fired up.
Cats are intentionally cute so we don't make earmuffs out of them. It's the only explanation.
Want ink!!
I am beinging to feel wild and reckless.. any takers?
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SO it has been a while since i have posted an update of any substance. It's a beautiful autumn morning and my choices are coffee and lj or foiling the last of the glass. Guess which I will choose.

   Fair Ophelia is leaving us at work. This is very sad-making. The office is getting smaller and smaller. Its like a another ray of light is being snuffed out. *sigh*
   School is going pretty well. I have mentioned this already I know but it's my lj so I am going to do it again. The kids in my Lit class are a delight. This class is going to be a little difficult for me as my writing skills are more than out of shape.  There is Ryan of the coasting thru life. He is one of those people who thinks that charm can get him everything he wants. We shall see. Mike who sits behind me full of cutting quips and a head of poetic leanings. Sam, who sits next to him quiet but terribly smart. Kelly, a lovely girl who with just 1 more ounce of confidence in herself will do everything she wants to in life. Peter the gentle giant, i really hope he gets what he desires. Tanya, smiling, Alana  always with a story to tell,Kevin who has aspergers and is a total geek :) , Murry who is way too smart for the rest of us I think .  They make the class lots of fun.
 So we are all back in school here in Serenity House. While it is nice during the summer to sleep in and move lazily about sun-filled days the cool air and structure of fall is much more to my liking. All we need to do is get into the habit of thinking like equals a little more with the picking up after ourselves.
  Football season is upon us. 18 glorious weeks. *happy sigh*
  It is odd how I can sit here, my mind full of all the things that have been going on in my life and still have nothing to write. hmm...
  Mike and I have been using all our spare time to get these last few glass orders done before we go to Mexico. Today should be the last day of balls to the wall glass. Sundays of glass and football do not suck.
  This weight watchers thing we are trying seems to be working pretty well. Mike is down 10 lbs and I am down 7 going into our third week. The easy part is taking of f the weight the hard part is always sustainability.
  It has always bothered me to see my friends sad. A few of them are going through some hard times right now and I just want them to know I hope things get better. *hug*
 Well time for glass.

more another time kids


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