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  This week's cards! Can you feel the excitement?
I am going to try to get this done with the kitten sitting on my hands. Wish me luck

First card

Cow (C)(R)- Examine the way in which you give to the world. If you think your resources are limited then you will be less likely to give. You can only give if you can receive. How easy is that for you?

Well that is on point. Right now I am feeling none of that.

and the  next

Swan (C)(R)- Come to terms with a separation. Remember that Swan tells us that its not a separation but a transformation so look into your heart and see what needs to be transformed.

I don't know. We shall see.        

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Another week and a spring like feeling peeking out from around the corner.

This week is going to be snowy and busy. Hopefully those two things go better together than it sounds.

First my card - The first card I pulled was blank. Normally when this happens I pull a clarifying card. This time two cards to clarify the blank one as the second literally fell into my lap.

Skunk (NA)-Walk tall and be proud of the accomplishments you have made! Project self-respect. Take a look around and see what kind of people you are attracting. See the things in them that you see in yourself. What you project is your ultimate defense.

Goose (C)(R)-Stop hissing and acting territorial. Relax and make sure you take care of yourself. Get enough rest, exercise and eat right.

I seem to recall seeing that Goose an awful lot lately. Going to have to look into that more.

and the next one-

Elk (NA)- It is time to seek the company of your own sex. Revitalize your sense of community in unity. Also take a look at how you hold up physically under stress. Pace yourself, look into vitamins, high energy food and some quiet personal time as means to combat stress as it occurs.

last but not least -

Swan (C)- Watch for love and inspiration to enter your life. Swan will be sending you gifts of the bards. The otherworld may also reach out to touch you. Be aware.

Interesting. This week looks like a whirlwind. :) 
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Ahhh.. the beginning of another week. Love the blank slate that life offers on a Sunday morning :) 

Wren (C)- Self realization lies not in apparent power but in humility, subtlety and generosity. Cunning when tempered with humor and good intentions is a way of achieving things with an economy of effort. Here is a glimpse of the beauty in all things.

   luckily for me I am full of subtleosity ;) 

For the other thing -

Badger (NA)(R) - Time to get aggressive! The time for inaction has passed and now you need to go for the brass ring. This is also a time to look over what you feel helpless about. Does that manifest in anger ? Where are you placing that anger? 

Last one -

Swan (C)(R) -Swans asks you to come to terms with a separation. Swan tells us that we never truly loose the ones we love but that they are transformed. Also remember that this may be an inward separation. Have you lost touch with your soul? 
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This week's card -

Swan (C)- Swan brings us the qualities of the soul. Love, grace and beauty. Swan is also the bird associated with thresholds You will receive messages or inspriation from the Otherworld, as the swan's feathers were used to make a bard's ceremonial cloak, so pay attention. It can also indicate that love will be entering your life so be ready.

hmmm.... interesting

Animal Card

Sep. 5th, 2007 07:25 am
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   Yesterday I had two hards fall into my lap.

  Badger (R) - Badger upside down in your life is telling you to examine to causes of your anger. Are you feeling helpless? About what? Is your anger misdirected?
 Badger may also be telling you to get over your inaction or shyness. If you want something now is the time to go for it. If you have been putting things off now is the time to do them. You may need someone else's aggressive creativity to help spark your own.

Swan (R) - Swan reversed says it is time to come to terms with a separation. You need to be able to say goodbye and understand that loved ones never go away but simply transform. Also look inward and see if the separation is in you.

well.. I am not going to say a word.

 what do you guys think about this one?  


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