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The Spring RTW 2010 Collections are out and sometime next week I will have a review but until then my Fashion Deputies I have a treat for you. Alexander McQueen has put out a collection inspired by Darwin and it is unreal. That is the only word i can use. Unreal.

Tell me what you think my darlings )
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 Now many of you may know that I am not one of those anti-fur people. I figure if it was good enough for my ancestors then it is good enough for me. However there are some things that are just fashion no-nos all the way around.

 1. Never use live animals as accessories. A few years ago Project Runway did a challenge where the designers had to design outfits for a "Paris Hilton type" and her dog. The idea was dogs were the new accessory. Um... hell no. Dogs are pets, dogs are companions, dogs are (if you are one of those people) meant to be spoiled and coddled. Dogs are *not* accessories. Ever.

2.Never use whole dead pet as accessories. While I realize that she was reaching out to fans of her show this is just creepy. Now for those of you who will ask - why is this different than fox stoles? Because this was someone's loved pet. If you don't cry over your porterhouse don't cry over my ermine. This was a pet. Now its a blog post curiosity. That gets fan mail. Yep... go ready the article. Fan mail.

We are a lovely weird culture. Stick to real fur. The line between fashionable and fun house is one freeze dried whisker length it seems.

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The Spring Couture Collections are out! No time to post right now but I will leave you this taste of things to come

Dior Shoe - and they come in red! red!

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So my little fashionistas - as we know being gainfully employed never goes out of style and as we here have been fielding a landslide of job applicants and applications we have a few suggestions that will help you stand out in a crowd and yes ... these are all examples I have encountered in the last 3 weeks -

First - read the ad for the job you are applying for. Are you qualified? Can you travel to the job? (yes.. i have had people tell me after i book an interview "I don't have a car. how am I going to get there?")
If you need more information - send an email and ask for the information you are looking for. Do not say "hi, can i have more info" when what you want to know is "can you tell me is there health insurance or a 401k

CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!! The last thing your potential employer wants to know is you are "ilikepenngies@yahoo" or "xxsexydawg@hotmail" wants to work for them.If you want to be hired as a professional then act like one. Present yourself like one with a grownup email address and everything. On a side note having your email address as "" but the from name as Ben Dover" or "Al Coholic" isn't any better.

Once you have picked the job or jobs of your dreams write them down, keep a list, something/anything so that when the eager HR person calls you for an interview you don't have to ask "what is this for?" srsly people.

Now on to your resume- Just some highlights -
CHeck to make sure the cover letter reflects the job you have applied for. If you want to grow up to be a mechanical engineer please do not let the person who thinks you are applying for their sales job in on that little secret. Let's just keep it between us. Same goes for the Mr. High End Acoustic System Installer and Mrs. Laid off Hair Dresser.

Please do not beg for a job. I am sorry you lost your other job and you have two kids and are taking care of an elderly parent and gout or whatever but that isn't going to make me any mor eager to hire you. It might make me think you will be taking alot of personal time from work as a matter of fact..hmmm

Read your resume before you send it out. Does it have critical information in an easy to find location? Like say a phone number or your name (yes- I have had resumes missing the person's name).
Oh a HUGE side note- do not put a number on your resume that doesn't work. About a third of the resumes I get have out of service phone numbers. Srsly people
Also - call your own phone. Listen to the music, message etc. I do not want to hear "smack my bitch up" while waiting to leave you a message. Nor do I want to hear your skank girlfriend telling me "if you are some stupid c*nt trying to get wit my man you better hang up now before I come and git on yous". If you are looking for a serious job have a serious phone presence. Please.
Your resume shouldn't be more than 2 pages long. If it is change the formatting, get rid of the extra stuff (no I don' care that you were on an infamous reality television show nor do I need your measurements thank you)
Here is another crazy idea - make sure you actually attach the resume to the email. In a format most people can open. Your techno wizardry will not help you if I can't read it.
If you make it as far as the interview process a few tips - wear something nice. No holes, no wrinkles, nothing too tight, too loose or too anything for that matter. DO NOT throw an entire bottle of *anything* over yourself. No scent is better than too much. Brush your hair and your teeth. Be on time. Don't call me every five minutes looking for directions or to tell me you are running late. Call me once- give me an eta and then if you pass it call me again. Do not expect me to stay on the phone giving you directions for 20 minutes marking every street corner and intersection with a "good boy".
Be nice, be polite and for gods sake please be aware of how you sound. You are applying for a sales job, speak clearly and with authority. DO NOT giggle, chew gum while you talk to me, apologize for everything or talk over me.
If you can do all of this and a little more you may have a shot.

I think that is enough advice for now.

stay beautiful people and good luck
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 My little fashionista heart says this is my dream Xmas prezzie this year


and a bargain at 1400.00


who is that laughing? 


Saw this in Vegas IRL and trust me ... sooooo sexy

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Or as we like to call it here at HQ -

Oh no they didn't )
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This morning I received a "Deal of the Day" link to Sports Locker on my RSS feed. What is on sale today?


Ok look. When these shoes came out for gardening I admit even I wanted a pair.  For gardening. If you are not ankle deep in compost please for the love of God and Manolo Blahnik take these damn things off your feet.  Seriously people. They are great utility shoes. Fabulous. What they are not is fashionable, pretty, cute or other reason you might think justifies wearing them.
They are not everyday shoes. THey are ugly as sin.
And for those of you who think that decorating them or slapping your favorite team logo on them will make them acceptable footwear to just run to the Maul or church in ...ummm.. no. Slapping ladybugs or flowers or Hoyas or Yankees.It's not going to work. You can dress a pig up but its still a pig my darlings.

Now go in your closet grab your pair of crocks and chuck them in the trash.

If you want to be ahead of the trend go get yourself a pair of Wellies. These are cute and funkie and good for both country and urban use.


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