Aug. 27th, 2011

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Well hello LJ, long time no post. It's beginning to look like a ghost town in here with everyone either going to Google+, FB, Dreamwith or their own blog. In a way it's kind of freeing knowing that no one is here reading my words.

Life here at Dom Hagar has been busy as all get out. It seems as if coming back from Vegas has propelled us into a flurry of activity. Well, when I say us what I mean is me. Poor Pinky has been sick as a dog for the last week and a half so he has been under non-voluntary "don't you dare do a damn thing" rest when he is not at work.
(why is it that my head is full of words until I sit down to write then it all goes out my toes)

It feels like I never get enough rest. I seem to be running at work, then running at home with no time to breathe. Now while it may seem most of this is self-inflicted it is. Part of me understand that I have scheduled myself into this mess but as always I am ignoring that part. This is the danger of these ups when you are bipolar. You schedule yourself to within an inch of your life then when your energy level starts to drop it gets harder and harder to keep to those commitments. But you give your word to get things done so you slog uphill both ways as best you can.

Some of the things keeping me busy-
Helping a co-worker prepare their taxes
Planning PPD
cleaning the basement so we can set up the shop
getting my tats on my arms
Getting stuff out and working PiCon
Getting the yard under control
dishes and other daily housework
Helping a co-worker set up his QB for his new business
the cats need cleaning
grocery shopping, savers, bank etc

Things I would rather be doing but can't until the house is cleaned up-

brewing beer
focusing on growing things
cross stitching

I am not complaining so much as pointing out to myself what my real goals are to try and get me back on track. When people ask me to help my first response is "sure I have nothing else to do" I think what I need is to start scheduling the things I want to do so that my default idea isn't "oh I am free" Schedule my time first THEN schedule others around it. This is going to require a huge shift in thinking and in all honesty I am not sure if I can do it.
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sweet and tart at the same time.

Spent some time last night and today at my local sci fi con. The hurricane kept a few from attending and had some leaving early so it was a bit smaller than usual but in the end it was still a good con.

Some things were expected - the hippie timelord was still his organized fabulous self, the kids were still childish and the geeks were still my tribe.

Some things were not expected - People who I assumed would treat me like I was invisible approached me to start a conversation and I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it enjoyable but also missed.

It may be time to wade back into geekdom.


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