Feb. 19th, 2011

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  Well here we are a few more days into the food blogging thing. The last two days have been a wreck. I started my moon time early (oops! wait- umm...don't read this if a frank discussion of girls and blood and girlie bits disturbs you. )


 My stomach *hurts*. Bad. There is a regular wave of pain that washes over me and has for the last three or four hours. This is my ulcer acting up again. These last few days have been a perfect storm of stress, body chemistry and bad food choices. My moods seems to be closely tied to my moon time so I have been waking up at 415-430 every morning full of nameless anxiety, coupled with extra stress this week at work (which I may write about later) and a day that had me eating ice cream for breakfast. This was, in retrospect, not such a smart move on my part although the child in me felt positively naughty while enjoying it.

This is not a good thing. *sigh*

I won't go over the details of the food but here is a list from the last three days -

bagel, standard breakfast
black forest cake
cookie dough ice cream
pretzels and hummus
roast beef sandwich
apple with nutella
15 bean stew
garlic bread
some good, some bad but too much bad for what else goes on


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