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Well now that the cat is out of the bag I can explain the rant earlier.

 You know how there are people you work with who just rub you the wrong way? yeah, I thought so. I have one of those. One who doesn't want to talk to "sad or angry people" on the phone despite her job being a receptionist. Instead of thinking about those poor souls who are looking desperately for answers, instead of trying to believe TPTB that things will be ok, she is only thinking about how it will be hard on her feelings to have to hear someone crying. She isn't the only one either. The days have been filled with "well *I* know what *I* would do if I lost my job and those people should have thought about that too" Guess what asshat- "those people" are retirees who needed extra income because their social security doesn't cover everything, "those people" are college kids who need the money to stay afloat while they go to school and can't do much future planning while they work 20 hours and go to school for another 60, "those people" are moms living on tips whose extra time is spent taking care of their kids. None of these people make 20.00 or more an hour with a spouse who works so they have the luxury of putting something aside for a rainy day. These are the people living in the monsoon.
Get a clue, have a heart, stop bitching and help fix this horribly broken system or shut the hell up.
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