Feb. 10th, 2011

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Well yesterday was a bit busy so no blogging for me. Pinky and I went back to the WMPE after a bit of time away and that coupled with a grocery shopping trip to slowly replace our not so good for you food with amazingly healthy food left no time for the blog o land.

Feeling kind of uppy. Yesterday was about a 7 and today about a 7/8 and instead of sugar I find myself craving carbs like they are pure energy. Today at work we had buffalo chicken grinders that were pure hot, grease and bread. Three seriously addictive food groups. If we had offered beer it would have been the perfect meal. (did I mention the cheese? no? well yeah, there was cheese) and man did I want to wallow in that caloric orgy. Instead I grabbed a salad, cut up one piece of buffalo chicken and enjoyed knowing that I did better. and in other news I have dropped 4 lbs. since Sunday. The combination of end of moontime, better eating, more moving etc is working better than I thought.

Food, food, and food )

In other news I am going to drop Weight Watchers at work because the lady who has been running the meetings is so horrible that I just can't do anything she tries to inspire us to do. She knows so very little about anything except selling her product and my gut instinct is to do the opposite of everything she wants.

Let's see how she takes that information tomorrow. ;)


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