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 Or maybe woodsmoke. Not sure but man does it smell good. One of the best things about this time of year are the rich smells that are found everywhere. THe colder it gets the more this little polar bears shakes off her summer torpor.

  Work is becoming .... odd. Now that the initial shock of the filing has worn off things are slowly slipping back into the old routine. The undercurrent is a little tense but no one really feels everything is at an end. I think in the end no matter what things here will be ok. However I did learn that one of my favorite people will be leaving for a new job at the end of this month. Of all the people who have come and gone while I have been there they will be one I will miss quite a bit. I hope the new place understands what an awesome person they are getting.

 My bosses boss has also started assigning me jobs outside my job description without asking me. Not sure how to take it as most of my new assignments are things he used to do such as oversee the CPR/First aid classes and take charge of the Hazmat trailer. They are little things but ..I don't know. Something is tickling my nose about this one. For now it's head down, keep working, doing my best and keep an open mind.

 They have also approved my education assistance so there is no turning back now. It looks like the coming year will be one of learning on all fronts.

 In other news we have a new fridge! The old one finally died on us and has been consigned to whatever grave yard Harvest Gold appliances go. All I have to do now is get used to the door opening from the other side and fill it with all that yummy, healthy food we need.

Koad- new beginnings. LIttle ones but they were there today. :)
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Well now that the cat is out of the bag I can explain the rant earlier.

 You know how there are people you work with who just rub you the wrong way? yeah, I thought so. I have one of those. One who doesn't want to talk to "sad or angry people" on the phone despite her job being a receptionist. Instead of thinking about those poor souls who are looking desperately for answers, instead of trying to believe TPTB that things will be ok, she is only thinking about how it will be hard on her feelings to have to hear someone crying. She isn't the only one either. The days have been filled with "well *I* know what *I* would do if I lost my job and those people should have thought about that too" Guess what asshat- "those people" are retirees who needed extra income because their social security doesn't cover everything, "those people" are college kids who need the money to stay afloat while they go to school and can't do much future planning while they work 20 hours and go to school for another 60, "those people" are moms living on tips whose extra time is spent taking care of their kids. None of these people make 20.00 or more an hour with a spouse who works so they have the luxury of putting something aside for a rainy day. These are the people living in the monsoon.
Get a clue, have a heart, stop bitching and help fix this horribly broken system or shut the hell up.
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 Today was my appointment with the endocrinologist to discuss the test results on the nodule on my thyroid. With the fat girl in me firmly convinced all my problems with weight gain are tied to this Lump in I went humming along. After the usual questions: headache, heat/cold intolerance, achy joints, bowel movements, depression etc. etc. and a quick feel of my neck the doctor told me he was going to order a fine needle aspiration. This means that we are now leaning on the side of a cyst or tumor of some sort. The doctor, whose last name is Cooper by the way so yes, every time I hear "Dr. Cooper"  a little voice in my head says "bazinga!" and it makes me smile, assures me that it's no big deal as 90-95% of these things turn out benign and the ones that are malignant are simply removed and life goes on.

Up until now I had been waiting to hear how my thyroid issues were affecting my over all health. They aren't so now I go to plan B which is stop fucking around and start thinking about what I am doing.

 I also have my entire winter reading list on it's way. A book on Slavic cooking, Getting Things Done, First Man of Rome, Forest Forensics and a heap more. 

 Work has been .. odd. People walking around trying to pretend things are normal while we wait and see if they will be. More than myself I am afraid for my boss. He is a great guy and I am not liking the ugly rumors swirling about his job.

  Well, time to go read and digest what the doctor told me. Night all.

Oh and that new icon is the coat of arms of the Kurowski clan. Making slow but odd progress on that front.

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First and foremost-

Just a reminder there is a Solstice party here Sunday for those who can make it. Please bring a chair as we are short , a side dish and your favorite beverage. :) Show up any time between 1230-2 please. Woo! Party!

Now.. on to other matters.

I have been spending a little bit of time on a site called Primitive Ways. It is full of fun-making and thought provoking ideas. Everyone should have one "handy" skill that is not technology dependent (sex does not count :P) and there are a bunch of really excellent ones here.

Today was a long day at work. Worked 630- 900. Oy! I don't mind doing my part every now and then but man that is a long long shift. However the job is going pretty good. It's is just the right mix of busy, on my feet and paperwork stuff to keep me from going crazy. Most days. Plus I now write a weekly newsletter which is getting rave reviews and urgings to go into marketing.'s nice but if I wasn't doing it for fun it wouldn't be as good. Ya know? 

Learning that even Einstein knew that we are all the center of our own Universe. "It is impossible by any experiment whatsoever to determine absolute rest" he said. We are all the center relative to everything else. This jibes with the idea from most shamanic practices (and other Eastern schools of thought) that we are the center of our own sacred space and that is how we know we are in dharma. Science = magic! Who knew? 

I have decided we are going to add elderberries, seaberries and apple trees to the house next year. They all have their strengths.

Ok kids.. at the end of my awakeness. Sleep well and more tomorrow.

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trolling the interrubes today I came across a link to  this video. 
All of you American Idol fans should take a peak at what the British version looks like. :) 

So i will go in today to work at some point and see what the boss will offer me in terms of switching to the sales force. There are a few things I am hoping he will agree to the most important of which is keep me on the health insurance. I am still looking for other jobs just in case but I think if I don't take this offer I won't be able to collect so some job with insurance is better than no job without.

Then there is this article about the son of Matt Weiner. How adorable is this little Beau Brummel?

So gardening time is fast approaching and  I am curious to see what other people think are the best things to grow. If you had a little patch of green what would you put in it? 

Thanks to everyone for their advice yesterday. Sometimes hearing how a situation looks from outside objective perspectives is just what the dr.professor ordered. For those of you who listened to me walk through my options and offered advice in the last week or so I appreciate you more than you can imagine.

We have an Etsy store!! Come check out some of the items we have put up and spread the word please. There are some lovely pieces up and there will be more in the future. If you have something particular in mind let me know. :) 

More Intertube fun later!
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So I have sat here for the last hour or so staring at my screen debating what to write. There has been alot of turmoil in my life lately and while I would love to put it all down in it's start naked truth we all know that lj is not a place for truths as much as it is a place for controlled information.
Let's start with the disappointments. I am disappointed that people can't see past their own nose to help others. That helping someone does not then mean you are helped. That the people I considered community and family are so uninterested in being a community. I am disappointed in myself for giving up so much of me for so long.
I am sad to hear that people I wanted to trust have proven so untrustworthy. And that they have seemingly changed so much.
My goodwill is slowly evaporating. I know it is not all your fault but you bear some of the responsibility for what has happened. Cowboy up. Tell me you understand where you are fucking up. Try simply saying 'I'm sorry" not "I'm sorry here are my excuses why I am not to blame"
I am a little pissed at myself for falling apart all over the place lately. I used to have this thing called a backbone. Gods only knows where it went. THere also used to be a much larger pool of patience to draw from. Well that is what therapy is for. To help me get some of that back.
While I have limited time I think I need to see more people. Or something.More doing less sitting around and playing in my own poo. There are people I miss an awful lot.
My life is missing two things right now. cake and tits. mostly cake. damn it.
Work came and went today and still no word on what the hell my job actually is. Meantime
projects hang in the balance. *sigh*
Now the good stuff..
My boys are amazingly patient with all this.
School continues to be teh sexorz. If ever there comes a day when I can go full time color me gone.
Sometimes the Universe sends you people just when you need them the most. Thank all the Gods in the Universe for bringing me just such a person today.
My friends, the really good ones, well they are the shit. seriously. :)
Cleaning has a way of making things seem better.
Heroes!!!! oh ya... go Syler go.
THanks to tedivm for making me watch Dexter. Holy shit kinda good.
The cool weather is coming and I feel the urge to get the stove fired up.
Cats are intentionally cute so we don't make earmuffs out of them. It's the only explanation.
Want ink!!
I am beinging to feel wild and reckless.. any takers?


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