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Animal Cards for this week pulled yesterday.

Water Dragon (C)(R) - Be aware of letting your emotions rule you in a way you will later regret. Try to approach an exploration of your psyche and past with caution. Go slowly.

  I swear I pull this card every time I know the PMS is coming . i am going to have to check that. *sigh* Anyway. I knew this week would be rough. blargh.

and the next

Mouse (NA)(R) Mouse is telling you to stop chasing your tail and start observing the details of your present pathway. You need to see the whole picture but only assimilate things a little bit at a time. Walk with humility and take care of the little things and let the big things take care of themselves.

and of course the last one

Owl (C)(R) - You need to be wary of withdrawing too much. Perhaps there is no need for secrecy. Owl also portends a time of change, new beginnings death of one thing and a birth of another.

More treading water this week. Good thing I brought my flippers.
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My cards for this week.

  Water Dragon (C) - Memories or wishes which have been repressed may emerge this week. They may try to overwhelm you with their negativity or destructiveness. Face these experiences with courage and it will bring you a greater depth of soul. Although you may feel overwhelmed with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance as these feelings are integrated in your consciousness.

yeah.. where was this yesterday? 

The other -

Rabbit (NA)(R) - Contrary Rabbit says wait. rest. soon the universe will start moving again. Until then find a quiet place to wait. When the universe starts its motions again you will be rested and ready.

New one -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is calling you to forge a life of passion and work. To stand in the doorway and not do anything is to deny life and responsibility. The blackbird is the bird of the smith. Smithing uses all four elements and blackbird is calling you to integrate all four elements, mind, heart, instinct and intuition into your life.

So good week for somethings and buckle down week for others. With Arisia looming on the horizon this presents interesting issues. We shall see.
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My animal card for this week --

Sow (C)- KNow that life continually renews itself and you are never disconnected from it. In choosing this card you are being called upon to open yourself to the abundance that exists throughout nature. Be generous and feel the love of the Goddess for all her creatures. Allow yourself to feast on life - to enjoy all its beauties and sensual abundance.

and the other -

 Water Dragon (C)(R) - It is better to exlplore our psyche slowly. Do not let your emotions rule you in a way you will later regret. It is better to work fractionally , little by little to integrate unconcious material into the whole.

I actually have no words for these cards a the moment. It's hard to see how I am going to enjoy the sensual delights of life this week but I will keep myself open for it.


Animal Card

Jun. 8th, 2009 11:30 am
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My card this week -

Bear (C)(R)- Do not be overwhelmed by anger or the ferocious mother. Those forces must be tempered with compassion and reason to be effective. If you persevere you will be able to integrate your spiritual qualities with your Primal.

for other purposes

Hind (C)(R)- Be less self effacing and a little more assertive. Also get your head out of your astral.
Water Dragon (C)-That which has lain beneath the surface comes to light and you may be overwhelmed. face things so you can move on.
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My card this week -

Water Dragon (c) - Memories which have lain dormant may emerge to overwhelm you with their negativeness. Although you may feel overwhelmed you should be able to achieve a sense of balance and intergrate these feelings into your consciousness.

oh good..


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