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Out for Samhain in a bit and a reading for the next six week later this evening but for now it's time for the weekly bits

First card

Stag(C)- Grace, majesty and integrity are the qualities Stag brings to you with this card. If you are confronted with a situation in which you feel under scrutiny calling on Stag will help you feel stronger, calmer. This is also an auspicious card to draw when beginning new projects.


Second card

Snake (NA)- Snake is here to help you shed your skin and transform. Now is the time to shed your old skin and become something new and more you. Snake gives the power of transformation, that creative spark, of energy. Look for a burst of creative power now.

I hope so.

Ok kids, off to the sunwheel see you later.
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Another week is upon us. The cycle continues.

Alligator (NA)-Have you been rushing headlong through life and not taking the time to count your victories or digest your Rites of Passage? It is time to stop and integrate your progress. Remember that quick fix solutions do not support long term goals. Try not to fall into the human judgement game. Take another, deeper look.

(this is my card and lol.. more patience and advice to take my time. It's ok. I can take a hint) 

and the next

Dog(C)(R) - Dog asks you to examine your loyalty in relationship to those around you. If you find it difficult to keep friendships examine the extent to which these qualities are expressed in yourself to help you develop trust and selflessness for others.

(this one is not for me and I will *not* say what I think here because my filters are in the way)

and the last one

Stag (C)- Stag is here to signify an auspicious start to a new project. If you are somewhere public it can be called upon for dignity. It is also here to help you find your independence. Stand tall and proud and grace, dignity and power can be yours.

(also not for me but I certainly hope this is accurate. It makes me smile)
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My card for this week -

Stag (C)(R)- Ask yourself how much your pride is helping or hindering you right now. Pride can be used to block your feelings of vulnerability and enjoyment of life. Stag also asks for sacrifice. Ask yourself what in your life you can let go of to thereby gain independence and integrity.

and of other things -

Bull (C)(R)- you may be having trouble getting motivated. Stubborn as in "bull headed". Look at the roots of your motivation. You may be choosing by inaction.
Bonus card -
Whale (NA)- Find your personal song. Open yourself up to you past and use your voice to release tension or emotion. Find the sound that will release your soul into the Universe.

I really need to think on this one. Interesting.
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My card this week ....

 Stag (C) - Stag is here to give us the qualities of poise, strength, dignity and independence. If you find yourself confronted by a situation where you feel vulnerable call to Stag and you will find yourself feeling calmer and stronger. Stag also corresponds in the Ogham with the birch and the number one. This is an auspicious card for beginnings and new projects.

  interesting... work should be fun this week I see.
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Todays card is Stag- reversed

Stag in this aspect is asking you to examine the degree to which pride is hindering or helping you. Is your pride just a mask for feelings of inadequacy you are not dealing with? How well is it serving you?
Stag reversed is also a call to cull your herd. Are there things in your life you need to let go of? Possessions? thought patterns? people who are holding you back? Now is the time to consider sacrifice to maintain balance. is time to start laying in for winter. TO turn inward and do a little mental housecleaning. Guess this is my brick to the head to do so.


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