Mabon 11

Sep. 25th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Mabon oh Mabon.. What shall we focus on going into this dark time of the year?

East -Hawk (NA)(R)  Hawk is here to remind you not to color your observations with emotions. ALso try and remember that just because you are a messenger doesn't mean the message is always for you. Don't worry about interpreting omens just fly.

South -Squirrel (NA)(R) Hoarding from fear is the way of the Squirrel upside down on his branch. Erratic, scattered energy from moving too quickly should be slowed and focused for Squirrel to help you.

West - Eagle (C)(R) Pay more attention to your dreams. Listen to the call of the unconscious without denying the call of your rational mind. Eagle reversed is asking you to not deny your heart but strive for balance.

North - Weasle (NA)(R) Have you been lying to yourself or hiding your feelings? SOrt through the muddled thoughts in your head and observe what is going on around you with a clear head.

Center- Bat (NA) BAt is calling for a rebirth. The death of the old and the beginning of the new. It's time to assume a position in life that prepares you for rebirth or initiation. The universe is asking you to grow and to do so you must die a shaman's death.

Oh goodie... this journey to the dark time is going to be all about me poking around in my head? My favorite thing... *sigh*
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 Why is it that September seems to fly by so quickly? This next week is going to be hell on wheels but luckily it's only a week right?

The cards say-

First card

Otter (NA)(R) You are rushing from one thing to the other without focus. Relax and allow yourself to recieve from others. Stop being so serious.

Squirrel (NA) Time to get rid of all those things weighing you down that you no longer need or use.

So... same message I have been getting, slow down, clear out the crap you don't need (physically and mentally) and enjoy life. Gee... thanks. lol

Second card

Horse (NA)(R) Horse reminds you that true power is in remembering compassion for others. Balance is part of the wisdom horse brings.Remember to take into account the whole of your life when charting the course of your future.
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Whoa Nelly! What a difference a week makes. Things at work which I will speak of when I can were a bit of a shock to me this week, the flood of DOOM!(tm) , an awful lot of belly work on my path and where it is taking me and where I would like it to.
 Last week I took Adder's advice and tried to heal instead of hurt. I cannot say it worked 100% but it's a start.

Hopefully this week's cards will be just as helpful eh? 

First card

Mountain Lion- (NA) In assuming the place of leadership Mountain Lion offers you must constantly be aware of keeping the peace. It is time to stand on your own convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. It's time to examine your personal beliefs and the purpose behind them. Do your plans include cubs? Do you have cubs already? Maybe it's time to push them out of the cave. Mountain Lion calls you to lead. Examine your heart and take your place in the pride.

  *sigh* maybe. This is the week to take steps in a direction no matter where it takes me. This I had decided.

Second card

Squirrel- (NA) Squirrel is appearing to you today to tell you it's time to get ready for change. Take a look around and unburden yourself of the things that do not serve you. These can be thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses or gadgets that have been broken for years. Find a safe place to put what you have gathered. This safe place is an untroubled heart and mind.

  oooohhh... I think I get this. Hopefully I am right.

Animal Card

Jul. 5th, 2010 09:18 pm
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My goodness it's hot out. Makes it hard to think and to be motivated to do the things that must be done. However, if we don't do our necessary things who will? 

Anyway- on to the cards

Coyote (NA)- Oh well all know Coyote is the trickster. Snooze time is over and while you are watching Coyote chase his own tail he will be shattering your self mirrors behind your back. Get ready to laugh at yourself. Lots.

Oh..goodie... because what I need this week is more blows to my self esteem. You would think that I and my "friends" do that enough that extra help isn't needed.

And the other-

Squirrel (NA) - Gather those things that are necessary for the changes in your future. Now is the time to get rid of things which are holding you back, whether they be old ideas, broken equipment, or feelings. What you have and what you need are not always the same thing.



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