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Well, this will be my third attempt to get this down. Let's hope this time I do a little better than the last two.

What a crazy chaotic week it's been! The winds outside the window are winds of change I think. Let's see what progress will be made this week.

First card-

Air Dragon (C)(R)- Constant reality testing will be the word of the day. You are in danger of becoming servant to a dogma or an idea. A good grounding will help keep you from becoming too rigid in your thinking.

I am trying! Honest! I am unlearning at as fast a clip as I can without having it mean nothing.

Second card-

Raven (C)(R)- This card suggests you should become aware of the forces of destruction that exist in your life. Drawing this card means you may now be able to come to terms with your own destructiveness. It may mean coming to a resolution of the conflict of opposites.

Ha! That is all I am going to say about that.

Animal Card

Jan. 9th, 2011 02:39 pm
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Well I haven't been here much lately I know (more on why in a bit) but something don't change so here are my cards for the week. :) 

First card -

Raven (C)(R)- Raven reminds us that there is no light without darkness. It is time to come to terms with your own destructiveness- a rage that has perhaps been buried for years. It may also mean we can come to the resolution of opposites, experiencing the idea that there is darkness in light and light in darkness.

 oh damn.. many times I am not sure what my cards are trying to tell me but in this case I know 100 % what they are telling me. How the hell I solve this dark rage I do not know but it looks like this is the week to do it. I have been thinking about this all weekend so it's like someone read my mind. ooooohhhh....

and the Second

Cow (C)(R)- How freely are you giving of yourself? If you feel anxious then you are less likely to give or receive that which others offer. Now is the time to examine why you think your resources are limited and remember those that give also receive.

  Yeah! so there :P  actually this is neither a shock nor surprising. Something for someone to work on.

Last week I started this whole find my roots thing as Salmon indicated I should. The things I am learning are pretty nifty actually. The hardest part is wedding the me of my genetics with the me of my soul. That will be an ongoing process it seems.

Ok, time to add to the stew.
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Just a quick one today kids. Pinky and I are headed out to the market for some fleas. :)

Owl (C)- Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. If you feel drawn to a study of esoteric lore or clarivoyancy Owl is here to help you. Twilight is Owl time so going for walks at this time is an excellent way to sharpen these senses.

hmmm... this does dovetail nicely with something I am working on. WoW.

Raven (NA)- Raven is the messenger of the Gods. Magic is in the air. Do not explain it away. The moment will depend on whether or not you can recognize the moment and use it to enhance your growth by accepting the gift without trying to figure it out.

LOL! for once I am not the one with the challenge to my nature. This should be an interesting week all the way around.
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Woo! New week! New cards! alright *does a little dance*

 My card -

    Raven (C)(R)-Become aware of the forces of destruction in your life. Embrace that to create there must be destruction. Our lives must go thru this process for us to grow. Try and remember that our fear is usually worse than what we find during this process.

  *sigh* ok. Well this does not bode well for the coming week does it? 

the other one -

   Air Dragon (C)-

   Constant reality testing of the real world is necessary to keep from becoming the servant of an idea or dogma. Contact with spiritual energies can help.

and the last one was a dual card. I take 'em as they fall kids.

Ottter (C)-Do something purely for fun. You may not think you have the time but make time. Go with the flow. Allow joy to move thru you.

Armadillo (NA) -ask yourself the following questions -
     -Am I honoring the time I need for personal enjoyment? 
     - Do others treat me like a doormat?
     - Why do I get upset when I am taken for granted? 
     - Is there a reason for my being a yes person? 
How you react to these boundaries has to do with your being objective. Now is the time to think about your boundaries and how you react to them.
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The Equinox is almost upon us my dears and change is in the wind.

This week's cards -

Raven (NA)(R) - Reversed Raven is not to be ignored! It may mean that what you send out is coming back to you. It may also be telling you that you have settled into a rut or be in a time of smokey confused messages. It's time to stop ignoring those things that don't seem "real". Raven may be pecking at your door to open your consciousness but you are blocking her or she is being blocked. Have a trained shaman take a look and see if you are blocked or being blocked by someone's negative energy. You may need help clearing the way. Ask Raven to show you the way then follow.

 umm...shit. help? 

and the Other-

Crane (C)(R) - You need to find a balance between being alone and social. The "shadow" side of Crane manifests in a harsh,mean,complaining and worrisome disposition. If you find yourself with any of these behaviors take a step back and find the root of the problem. Too much time alone and you will become anti social but too much time with others and you are running from your own thoughts. Open up to Crane and find the right balance for you.
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MY card this week is -

Raven (C) (R) - Raven in this position speaks to the dark destructive forces in our world. She is telling you to be aware that darkness is a force in our world. She also reminds us that what we imagine in the dark is usually much scarier than what is actually there. Embrace the destruction that brings change and new things.

  oh..goodie.... this is so the week for this.


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