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Yet another week gone by. Last week was beyond rough as life showed me exactly what I look like to others. Lesson learned. Hopefully this week will be a little more gentle.

My card for this week is once again two cards. Once again the second card literally fell in my lap. Hard to ignore that kind of hint.

First card-

Wolf (C)(R)- You need to come to a new relationship with your sense of aloneness. Behind that fear may be a fear of your own strength, fierceness and power. Learn to trust yourself and your power and you will come into yourself. Dreams and intuition will show more of the hidden side of yourself. Wolves mate for life and it was considered lucky for a bride to see a wolf on her wedding day. Just know that no matter how often you will need to spend time as a "lone wolf" there will be times of companionship too.

and the card that chose me

Wolf (NA) - your intuitive side may have teachings for you at this point in your life. Pay attention. You may also be called upon to teach what you have learned to others so be prepared to share. Find a place of solitude and listen. Wolf would not have come to you if you did not request the teaching.

ok.... um... good? There are a few things this makes me think of and I will get to them in another post (hopefully) but for now there is the other card

Second card -

Ram (C)-Breakthroughs will be achieved if you attend to your day to day concerns. You need not fear losing your head to success because Ram will help keep you grounded. Be patient and attend to the daily needs of your life as well as your long term goals and you will find you have come home in the end.
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Lots of stuff to post but for now this will have to do

Animal Card for this week

Rabbit (NA)(R)- paralyzed by fear is Rabbit in contrary position. If you have tried to resolve a situation and are unable to this is where you may find yourself. It might also indicate it's time to stop and rest until the Universe start moving again. Now is the time to re-evaluate the process you are undergoing and rid yourself of any negative feelings, barriers or duress.

My goodness. Rabbit has been talking to Coyote I see. Events of this past week have made this card spot on. Gonna go rest and hope the Universe forgets about me for a while.

and the other

Ram (C)-Attend to the needs in your every day life as well as your long term goals and soon you will achieve a breakthrough. Working with Ram will help you find the inner strength needed to succeed. You may find that when you achieve your goals you will have in fact come home.

Hun,  I hope this is spot on too.
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Card pulled yesterday-

   Frog (C)- Frog unites earth and water to bring joy and healing to you. He leads you to the sacred spring from which you can be refreshed and renewed. Nothing in life is what it is suppose to be. There is hidden beauty and power in all of nature. Look for the magic and beauty behind appearances.

and for the other-

Ram (C)(R)- Instead of banging your head against the wall try walking around it! Alternatively -ask yourself why the wall is there? Maybe you need to move in a different direction. Part of you may enjoy the spirit of competition - locking horns with friends or enemies - but now may be the time for sacrifice. Sometimes letting go, no matter how painful, can open a door on a new life. Ask yourself "where do i feel most at home" then follow your instincts and go there.

for once I shouldn't be the one paying attention to the cards. Heads up. Pay attention.
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This week's card-

Ram (C)(R) - Ram may be telling you to that  you may now be called on to make a sacrifice. Sometimes letting go,however painful, opens new doors. Ask yourself "where do i feel most at home" Follow your instinct and your practical nature will create a home around you that is truely comfortable and yours.

ok..look at how I will ignore the obvious in that card and choose to think of other things..

and the other

Moose- (NA)(R) - Moose contrary is here to remind you that you may be tooting your own horn and not paying enough attention to the accomplishments of others. Now is the time to be silent, listen to others and learn from new sources.

Well this is going to make life difficult but I think I know a way around it.
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Today's card is

Ram (Celtic) - Ram brings with it achievement. He brings a breakthrough. Attached to it's birthplace Ram brings rootedness,stability and connection. He will bring you strength needed to succeed while helping you not loose your head. By being patient and attending to your daily needs as well as your future you will find the day comes where your achieve your breakthrough - accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

hun... we shall see.


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