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Lots of stuff to post but for now this will have to do

Animal Card for this week

Rabbit (NA)(R)- paralyzed by fear is Rabbit in contrary position. If you have tried to resolve a situation and are unable to this is where you may find yourself. It might also indicate it's time to stop and rest until the Universe start moving again. Now is the time to re-evaluate the process you are undergoing and rid yourself of any negative feelings, barriers or duress.

My goodness. Rabbit has been talking to Coyote I see. Events of this past week have made this card spot on. Gonna go rest and hope the Universe forgets about me for a while.

and the other

Ram (C)-Attend to the needs in your every day life as well as your long term goals and soon you will achieve a breakthrough. Working with Ram will help you find the inner strength needed to succeed. You may find that when you achieve your goals you will have in fact come home.

Hun,  I hope this is spot on too.
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My cards for this week.

  Water Dragon (C) - Memories or wishes which have been repressed may emerge this week. They may try to overwhelm you with their negativity or destructiveness. Face these experiences with courage and it will bring you a greater depth of soul. Although you may feel overwhelmed with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance as these feelings are integrated in your consciousness.

yeah.. where was this yesterday? 

The other -

Rabbit (NA)(R) - Contrary Rabbit says wait. rest. soon the universe will start moving again. Until then find a quiet place to wait. When the universe starts its motions again you will be rested and ready.

New one -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is calling you to forge a life of passion and work. To stand in the doorway and not do anything is to deny life and responsibility. The blackbird is the bird of the smith. Smithing uses all four elements and blackbird is calling you to integrate all four elements, mind, heart, instinct and intuition into your life.

So good week for somethings and buckle down week for others. With Arisia looming on the horizon this presents interesting issues. We shall see.
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My card this week -

Rabbit (NA) - Stop talking about the terrible "what if's" . You cannot exercise control over what has not happened yet. Practice the Litany of Fear and live it this week. Do not give in to the fear.

Who me? 


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This morning's card -

Rabbit (NA)(R) - That paralized feeling Rabbit gets while being stalked is this card reversed. This indicates a time to wait for the universe to start moving again. It also may indicate a time to rest and re-evaluate your process. Simply put, you cannot have your influence felt until you alter how you see the present circumstances. In any case, its time to burrow in and release your fears.

Well I kinda knew this but it is good to see I am on the right track.


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