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The books Pinky ordered for me came in this week! They are "How to Brew at Home" and "The Homebrewer's Garden" .  I am not sure if I still have time to put plants in the ground this year but if not this year then next. I should be able to get some winter wheat and the like in the ground if nothing else. Crafting a food from beginning to end is something I have always wanted to try.

Today on Four Weddings I saw a woman who refused to eat lobster bisque because they had left the front half of the lobster in the soup. That in and of itself is not such a big deal but this poor woman was scared and horrified by the display. There was also a whole suckling pig as part of the buffet. Between the two she complained her appetite was ruined by such a vulgar display. She said "I can't eat anything with a face" If she had been a PETA person it wouldn't have been a blip on my radar screen but there she was scarfing down prime rib at the next event. 
 It disturbs me we are so removed from our food sources that this woman was disgusted (and her disgust was supported by her friends) by the sight of her food in it's original form. Chicken can't look like chicken, fish can't have eyes or a head, even our fruit must be perfect or we take a pass on it. Many kids can't make the connection between the food they eat and the sources it comes from.

 One of my goals is to follow a meal from beginning to end. From the growing of the food, the slaughtering of the meat (which scares the heck out of me but that won't stop me) to the curing, prepping etc etc. I need to know.

 It should be interesting. :) 
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A year ago today Pinky and I surprised all our friends and family by eloping on our elopement. It's been a crazy year but not once have I ever thought we made the wrong decision. He is not too strict and not too soft. He is just right. :)

One year down hopefully decades yet to go.
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   Well well what an adventurous evening we had. Last night about 10 p.m. Bubba came up from the basement to ask if we knew there was a "bit of water coming in the basement". I had just been down there 10 minutes or so before her so it was a bit of a surprise but we went down to take a peek. when we got there there was a stream of water pouring in from under the door that leads outside.  Pinky tried to stem the flood with the shop vac but after 2.5 fills the vacuum stopped sucking (or started sucking depending on how you look at things) while Bubba and I tried to keep the water from getting to the boiler and water heater. WHen the shop vac died we called Becka and Joe because we knew they had just had the same problem and had a shop vac. They were wonderful enough not only to run it up here at 1130 at night but to stay and help stem the tide of well, tide. Joe also helped patch the hole where the water was streaming in. They were totally awesome (as if you guys didn't already know that) and after a few more hours of work we got the flood under control. This morning the basement was mostly dry thankfully. Today we will clean out the soggy quilts we used to hold the water at bay, go through the wet stuff and basically start that basement cleaning project we have been putting off for months. 

  Have I mentioned how awesome Bec and Joe were? and Pinky and Bubba? they all busted ass last night. There was the flood which was bad but there were amazing people which was great.

THanks again guys! 
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  Well the winter has finally done my car in I think. Between the icy bumps in the road and her failing health she is on her last leg. Pinky's parents signed their car over to us in November but we have been putting off getting it as we had other bills to catch up on before we could afford to put the extra car on the road. Yesterday we made the call that now was the time. We needed to get the wagon off the road before it got worse. Pinky called his parents, figured out we could meet them in Greenfield and drive up with them and new plates to grab the GrandAm. I called the insurance company today, gave them all the information I had and told our agent we would be in about 3 to grab and go. Unfortunately or ironically when we got to the insurance agency the last lone man in the parking lot informed us that the company had closed because the roof was in danger of collapsing! Maybe they would be open tomorrow, he wasn't sure.

  Taking snow off a roof sounded like such a great idea we went right home and Pinky went right up the ladder to attack our roof with screwdriver and shovel. Don't tell him I said this but watching him up there attacking the ice, covered in snow, beard glistening with sweat and ice how sexy he is. Such a primitive reaction lol - man use strength and tools - woman totally turned on. Its sad but I do enjoy watching him work.

 Ok, time to return to vampires of a different sort. One more sunny day I hope.
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  Yesterday we packed up the car and headed north to spend the day with Pinky's family. It was really nice to be somewhere out of the reach of cell phones. (shhhh don't tell anyone) I think I love Leyden as much as Pinky doesn't. However we both understand that for now, that is not our choice of lifestyles. I think it also helps that my in-laws are two of the most amazing people I know. They are just sweet as all get out, creative, generous and well, heck, they like me. There was, as always, too much food tempered by a long walk to the beaver pond, the sheep and back. Even my brother in law was on his best behavior only competing with Pinky in that brotherly way to the point where it was noticeable. Not even mildly annoying! There were some pretty rockin' gifts all the way around but my favorite was the iPod we bought for my FIL along with the iTrip so he can listen to his own music while he plows. He works for one of the local towns and as some of you may know that means he is on the road for 12 hours or more straight. He was like a 7 year old with the world's largest Lego kit as a present. Totally the best present of the day. :) 

 SNow coming and the blizzard warnings are up. Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge and I am honestly hoping the weather is so bad they close the offices. *crosses fingers* 

  Ok, time for a little cleaning and cookies. I hope everyone had a great day and stays safe and warm tonight.
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To the boy who fell asleep in my lap four years ago.

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  Today ~

 Happy Birthday Pinky. :)


27 looks good on you :)

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So occasionally I tell J (Pinky or Shiny boi to some of you) that he is a very cute boy. His normal response is "bah".
So I am calling on my whole FList - if you have ever met him, seen a picture of him, feel like you know him from my posts let him know what you think of him. You can go to his lj -
[ profile] glaucos or post a comment here or send he or I an email

Help me show him just what an amazing guy he really is. Please.

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OMG.. Pinky and I went to see I am Legend a few days ago and one of the previews was for the new Batman movie.

Sooooooo sooooo sexy. Heath Ledger is going to be amazing. This new Dark Knight Batman is way too sexy for words.

I will be seeing this the day it comes out so here is your opportunity to put in your bid to come with us. The release date is July 18th I think. Let me know! :)

check him out


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