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Well here I am once again behind the rest of the world. This past week has been filled with cleaning things up and getting things organized. However some things are necessary so we take a moment out of our day to get them done. Like this -

East- Cat (C(R)- Be wary of becoming a fireside cat and turning from the world. An indolent and self absorbed sensuality can quickly turn to an escape from the real world. A cat can easily travel to the Otherworld but only when she is rooted in this one.

South- Bee (C)By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around the Goddess, by celebrating community can we live in harmony. Celebrate something. Come together as a community.

West- Mountain Lion (NA)(R)Leadership questions are brought by Mountain Lion- are you avoiding taking the leadership role? are you abusing your leadership powers? is a leader taking you down a primrose path? Don't hide in a cave of shyness or uncertainty, roar with conviction and laughter.

North- Owl (C) Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage to an advantage. Twilight has been called owl-light and going out for a walk in the woods at this time is an excellent way to develop an awareness of the Otherworld. Work with the owl if you intend to study esoteric subjects or clairvoyancy.

Center- Grouse(NA(R)Grouse here is warning you that your energy may be scattered or undisciplined. A lack of clear intent is causing you to feel like your are in a tailspin. You may become focused on something to the exclusion of all else. Go walking to put yourself back in touch with the Earth and body. Grouse is here to help you ground and put you back in harmony with the body, mind and spirit

Interesting, Clearly addresses things that are both here and not here yet.
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Just a quick one today kids. Pinky and I are headed out to the market for some fleas. :)

Owl (C)- Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. If you feel drawn to a study of esoteric lore or clarivoyancy Owl is here to help you. Twilight is Owl time so going for walks at this time is an excellent way to sharpen these senses.

hmmm... this does dovetail nicely with something I am working on. WoW.

Raven (NA)- Raven is the messenger of the Gods. Magic is in the air. Do not explain it away. The moment will depend on whether or not you can recognize the moment and use it to enhance your growth by accepting the gift without trying to figure it out.

LOL! for once I am not the one with the challenge to my nature. This should be an interesting week all the way around.
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Weekly Animal Card -

Dog (NA)(R)-It's time to tackle those fears which are enemies to your self-confidence. These are thoughts that tell you that you are not worthy of loyalty. Examine the patterns of disloyalty in your life.

the next

Owl (C)- Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Owl is perhaps telling you that now is the time to look into the esoteric. Taking walks at twilight will help you connect with that Otherworld that is the place where owl dwells.

and the last

Lizard (NA)(R)-Lizard may be telling you that you need more sleep or more dreams. Imagination is the door to new ideas and you may not be tapping into that which renews and refreshes. Are you letting life get in the way of imagining?
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A little behind this week. I blame Boston. ;)

First card-

Earth Dragon (C) -Earth Dragon will bring you face to face with your potential. There are riches in your depths waiting to be brought to the surface. Expect this guardian to let you into those depths.

It should be interestingto see how this manifests this week.

Next -

Owl (C)(R) -Owl here signals a time of change and new beginnings. It can portend the death of one thing and the birth of another. Do not hold back. Detachment is sometimes a shield, now is the time to drop that shield.

Last -

Moose (NA)(R) - Ego can ruin accomplishment. Grow quietly. Be silent and let strength and wisdom enter your heart. Remember that others have the same potential you have and do not becomes careless in your appreciation of them.
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Animal Cards for this week pulled yesterday.

Water Dragon (C)(R) - Be aware of letting your emotions rule you in a way you will later regret. Try to approach an exploration of your psyche and past with caution. Go slowly.

  I swear I pull this card every time I know the PMS is coming . i am going to have to check that. *sigh* Anyway. I knew this week would be rough. blargh.

and the next

Mouse (NA)(R) Mouse is telling you to stop chasing your tail and start observing the details of your present pathway. You need to see the whole picture but only assimilate things a little bit at a time. Walk with humility and take care of the little things and let the big things take care of themselves.

and of course the last one

Owl (C)(R) - You need to be wary of withdrawing too much. Perhaps there is no need for secrecy. Owl also portends a time of change, new beginnings death of one thing and a birth of another.

More treading water this week. Good thing I brought my flippers.
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This week's card -

Owl (C)(R)- This card may indicate you need to be wary of withdrawing too much from the world. An ability to be detached and discerning is an asset unless it becomes a defense against being fully alive. Perhaps there is no need for secrecy or holding back. Owl can signal a time of change, initiation, or new beginnings. It can portend the death of one thing and the beginning of another. Expect a bright day and it will come.

lol.. look at me *not* hoping this means I am getting fired.

and a secondary card

Otter (C)(R) - Otter asks us to "Go with the Flow" Time to stop swimming upstream out of fear or stubborness. Try letting go, relaxing and trusting life. Although Otter urges playfulness we must be wary not to play too much as an escape from the demands of adulthood.

oh sure... because I play too much... but this card was for the business so *shrug*

Animal Card

Jul. 7th, 2008 07:15 am
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   Today's Card

  Owl - Owl teaches us to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Owl uses the "disadvantage" of twilight to swoop down on unsuspecting prey. Twlight has been called owl-light. Quiet walks in the woods are an excellent way to develop your other sight and you may feel drawn to explore some sort of clairvoyancy.

as always thought provoking.
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Pulled two cards this a.m.- *sigh* Something is coming

Owl - When Owl flies into your life it is time to turn an disadvantage into advantage. Owl also brings change. Take time to walk in the twilight and sense the Otherworld around you. It can also mean take a step back, get some distance from things. Seek Wisdom.

Snake (R) - Shed your skin! The old you is bursting at your seams. It may be difficult or painful but to stay where you are would be even more painful.

I looked around today and there is nothing but change in my future. All I have to do is not let it overwhelm me. No problem....sure.... can do....



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