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 Why is it that September seems to fly by so quickly? This next week is going to be hell on wheels but luckily it's only a week right?

The cards say-

First card

Otter (NA)(R) You are rushing from one thing to the other without focus. Relax and allow yourself to recieve from others. Stop being so serious.

Squirrel (NA) Time to get rid of all those things weighing you down that you no longer need or use.

So... same message I have been getting, slow down, clear out the crap you don't need (physically and mentally) and enjoy life. Gee... thanks. lol

Second card

Horse (NA)(R) Horse reminds you that true power is in remembering compassion for others. Balance is part of the wisdom horse brings.Remember to take into account the whole of your life when charting the course of your future.
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  Well after last week's little adventure I certainly hope this week is a little calmer. Not sure what to think about this week's cards. Shall we see? 

First card -

Raccoon (NA)- If Raccoon has bounded into your cards today it's time to think about who needs your strength. Stand up for someone who is being gossiped about, help someone in need. However remember that to help you must ensure they can stand on their own two feet. Enabling someone does not honor their spirit.
(what ? who? me? I enable???  sigh... yes..looks like I have my work cut out for me. )

and a second card which fell into my lap-

Seal (C)- Heed the sire call of the Unknown. Let it bring you transformation, love and healing. We fear that call from our beginnings, from our brother and sisters from the animal realm who are closer to the Source than we can imagine. Do not let your intellect imprison your heart. Head the call.

(ok...another reference to the Source and transformation.. i sense long range plans here) 

and the card for the other thing

Otter (C)(R)- Stop trying to go against the flow. Some times you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Let go and trust that life, for now, has ou on the right track. Otter urges you to play but reminds you that all play and no work is an avoidance of life.

hmmm... this is a control freak's worse nightmare
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Woo! New week! New cards! alright *does a little dance*

 My card -

    Raven (C)(R)-Become aware of the forces of destruction in your life. Embrace that to create there must be destruction. Our lives must go thru this process for us to grow. Try and remember that our fear is usually worse than what we find during this process.

  *sigh* ok. Well this does not bode well for the coming week does it? 

the other one -

   Air Dragon (C)-

   Constant reality testing of the real world is necessary to keep from becoming the servant of an idea or dogma. Contact with spiritual energies can help.

and the last one was a dual card. I take 'em as they fall kids.

Ottter (C)-Do something purely for fun. You may not think you have the time but make time. Go with the flow. Allow joy to move thru you.

Armadillo (NA) -ask yourself the following questions -
     -Am I honoring the time I need for personal enjoyment? 
     - Do others treat me like a doormat?
     - Why do I get upset when I am taken for granted? 
     - Is there a reason for my being a yes person? 
How you react to these boundaries has to do with your being objective. Now is the time to think about your boundaries and how you react to them.
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 Yes yes.. there will be an Arisia post later today but for now there is this-

Animal card for this week-

  Dragonfly (NA)(R)- Are you caught in an illusion that weakens your true feelings or minimizes your abilities? Is this the final crash and burn for some pipe dream that serves no real purpose? Misery is a prime clue that you were deluded into believing that you would be happier if you changed for someone else. That is illusion. You gave your power away and now its time to take it back. Remember that reality is an illusion that you create. 

  Ok.. this totally ties in with some revelations and changes that happened this weekend, Amazing. :) 

the next one a dual pull. When a card falls into my lap I don't ignore it.

Bee (C)(R) - Bee reversed may be telling you that you feel out of place in your community. Time to stop and think about where you want to be. What role do you want in live? Give it some thought and move from there.

Otter (NA)(R) - Otter is telling you not to fear rejection. Reach out now and relax. Let the spirit of playfulness the Otter brings run through you. You may also be running from one thing to another without focus. Once again Otter says- relax.

 This also jives with much of what has developed in the last week or so.

and the last -

Salmon (C)- Salmon brings wisdom, inspiration and youthfulness. Open yourself up to what may come and you will find the inspiration you are looking for. Just remember that this can't be forced. Go with the flow.
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  Animal Card for today-

 Ant- (NA)(R)- Ant is reminding you to SLOW DOWN! Learn to be patient or you may open yourself up to the wiles of people who are not working for the good of humanity. If they say it's easy money chances are it isn't. 
 Ant is also here contrary to remind you to follow natural law. If you cannot learn to trust nature Coyote will find his way to you and sabotage your future. Relax or mountains will be made from molehills.

and a bonus card for other things -

Otter (C) - You are protected so go with the flow for a bit. Allow yourself the freedom of relaxing for a bit. Your practical side may not think it can afford the time but deep down you know you need to take care of yourself. Someone may be coming in your life to help you accomplish this goal.

As for last week's card well we saw how that turned out. :) more on that later
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My card for this week -

Otter (C)(R)- Stop pushing the river and go with the flow. You have been fighting against the currents long enough out of fear and stubbornness. Let life take you where it will. Trust it.

I am trying .. honest..
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This week's card -

Owl (C)(R)- This card may indicate you need to be wary of withdrawing too much from the world. An ability to be detached and discerning is an asset unless it becomes a defense against being fully alive. Perhaps there is no need for secrecy or holding back. Owl can signal a time of change, initiation, or new beginnings. It can portend the death of one thing and the beginning of another. Expect a bright day and it will come.

lol.. look at me *not* hoping this means I am getting fired.

and a secondary card

Otter (C)(R) - Otter asks us to "Go with the Flow" Time to stop swimming upstream out of fear or stubborness. Try letting go, relaxing and trusting life. Although Otter urges playfulness we must be wary not to play too much as an escape from the demands of adulthood.

oh sure... because I play too much... but this card was for the business so *shrug*
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Two cards this am - the one I chose and the one that fell in my lap.

First one -

Otter (Celtic) - Otter is here to remind you that all work and no play makes Lisa a dull girl. Otter reminds you that taking some time to rest, relax, play and refresh yourself is a key part of staying productive. Take a day and rest.

and the one that chose me -

Prairie Dog (NA) -  If Prairie Dog has tunneled into your cards today its time to retreat for a little much needed R&R. Your resserves are runnung low and it is time to rest before sickness forces you to. Take a step back, rest and come at things from a new perspective. Sometimes the best move is the one away.

hmmm..... I wonder what they are trying to say :P


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