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So tomorrow is the last day of work for me before we head to the desert. I am nervous as always but I am sure once we get off the ground I will be fine.

Here are my cards for this week.

Whale (NA)(R)- It may be that you have alot of chatter in your head and cannot access your personal records. This may mean you need to use other sounds to enter the silence. Collect YOUR answers they are the only truth that will lead you to your personal knowledge. You must desire to know. HEar the Whale's call and you will begin to open up your unique library.

  Ok... lord knows I need my head to stop being filled with white noise. Oddly enough I think this trip will help in some ways.

The second card-

Moose(NA) You have reason to feel pride in an accomplishment. This may be a habit you have broken or a new sense of self you have fought hard to earn. Now this the time to feel harmonious pride and recognize those who have aided this part of your journey.

and one more this week for the trip itself

Hummingbird- (NA)- Get ready to laugh and enjoy the Creator's many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Get ready for new bursts of energy but do not try to hold too tightly. Hummingbird is fragile. Follow where joy leads instead of trying to force it.

ok. well that is good yes? 

Animal Card

Mar. 9th, 2010 05:58 am
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I have the luxury of not going into work until 630 today so let's get those cards I pulled Sunday in shall we?

First -

Wren (C)-Wren let's us see the beauty in all things. He tells us that small is beautiful and that self-realization lies not in power but in humility and gentleness. Cunning, if tempered with humor and good intent is a way of achieving great things.

So..if i am quiet this week then I will have a quiet week? please?

next -
Fox (C)(R)-You may be coming into that part of you that feels the victim. It may be time to lie low and focus on family and friends. Fox may also be telling you to find that inner erotic side of you. Get in touch with your sensual side.

and last -
Moose (NA(R) Ego can ruin your sense of accomplishment. Calm your spirit and allow the strength of silence to enter your heart. Remember everyone teaches in some way so stop tooting your horn and listen.

weird- that one is there two weeks in a row.

ok. off to a long day of work again.
See you later
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A little behind this week. I blame Boston. ;)

First card-

Earth Dragon (C) -Earth Dragon will bring you face to face with your potential. There are riches in your depths waiting to be brought to the surface. Expect this guardian to let you into those depths.

It should be interestingto see how this manifests this week.

Next -

Owl (C)(R) -Owl here signals a time of change and new beginnings. It can portend the death of one thing and the birth of another. Do not hold back. Detachment is sometimes a shield, now is the time to drop that shield.

Last -

Moose (NA)(R) - Ego can ruin accomplishment. Grow quietly. Be silent and let strength and wisdom enter your heart. Remember that others have the same potential you have and do not becomes careless in your appreciation of them.
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This week's card-

Ram (C)(R) - Ram may be telling you to that  you may now be called on to make a sacrifice. Sometimes letting go,however painful, opens new doors. Ask yourself "where do i feel most at home" Follow your instinct and your practical nature will create a home around you that is truely comfortable and yours.

ok..look at how I will ignore the obvious in that card and choose to think of other things..

and the other

Moose- (NA)(R) - Moose contrary is here to remind you that you may be tooting your own horn and not paying enough attention to the accomplishments of others. Now is the time to be silent, listen to others and learn from new sources.

Well this is going to make life difficult but I think I know a way around it.


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