Feb. 17th, 2010 10:00 am
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Couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday.

Yesterday was mom's 65th Birthday. I still miss seeing her in the kitchen when I come down the stairs.

Happy Birthday Mom.
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This past week while cleaning out mom's old bedroom/the office I stumbled across some papers my mom had put aside years ago. Among them was my grandmother's birth certificate. Here in my hand I finally had a piece of my great grandparents. A blank filled.

For those of you who may not be familiar with some of the details of my family. I grew up with my mom and my grandmother. When I was very young we would occasionally visit my great grandma and my great aunt and her husband. Very rarely. They lived in the same city but for reasons I still am not sure of there wasn't much contact between us. My great grandmother did not speak any English at all which made it impossible to get to know her on any level except hand signals and perogi tutorials. On my father's side there is nothing. No name on a birth certificate, no pictures, nothing.On my mom's side there was myself, mom and grandma with the occasional funeral gathering of the extended family. What I knew about them could fit in one paragraph. It was ok though. For years I have maintained that having no knowledge of my roots meant I was free to choose my own path.

However, with some new information at my fingertips and a growing sense of disquiet at not having some general idea of where my ancestry lies. I did a little online snooping and am pretty sure I have found the record of my great grandmother's entry into Ellis Island as well as my great grandfathers. To be honest i am more interested in the maternal line simply because that is where the ties are the strongest. So at work this week I spent hours looks for information. Armed with her maiden name and town of origin I surfed for hours. I found interesting things about the town and region she came from.
As interesting as that research was it didn't help with my need to see where my ancestors came from in a broader sense. It's hard to articulate the pull of some ideas and cultures on me but finding out that my great grandmother comes from southern Poland seems to get me one step closer to things. So this last week I have also been tossing around the idea of trying out one of those DNA tests that tells you your deep ancestry. If nothing else it will give me something to hang my hat on. I know that for the most part the best I can hope for is a trace down my maternal line but in truth that is all I am interested in anyway. Then again to have those answers limits my ability to make myself anything I choose in some ways. I am not sure yet which way I will choose. At the moment I am leaning towards getting the test done if only for my own personal edification.

 The other interesting thing I stumbled upon was an article on tamga. They were used by Polish people to identify clans or tribes and also across Eurasia. When I first saw them I heard that bell in my head. These are going to be a Project for me. Should be fun :) 

So what do you guys think? Do i take the test? See where my footsteps take me? or save my money for a Wii or a sewing machine or something equally practical?
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She is home sans g-tube. Now we wait and see.
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For those of you who don't care I am going to start putting these updates under a cut-

Move along now. We don't want any trouble from your kind )


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