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 Why is it that September seems to fly by so quickly? This next week is going to be hell on wheels but luckily it's only a week right?

The cards say-

First card

Otter (NA)(R) You are rushing from one thing to the other without focus. Relax and allow yourself to recieve from others. Stop being so serious.

Squirrel (NA) Time to get rid of all those things weighing you down that you no longer need or use.

So... same message I have been getting, slow down, clear out the crap you don't need (physically and mentally) and enjoy life. Gee... thanks. lol

Second card

Horse (NA)(R) Horse reminds you that true power is in remembering compassion for others. Balance is part of the wisdom horse brings.Remember to take into account the whole of your life when charting the course of your future.
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Woohoo! another post! 

Cards pulled and studied, I will post the cards below but the iChing later.

First card-

Wolf (C)- Wolf brings strong sense of inner strength and intuition, also learning. SOmetimes you need to go beyond the bounds of "normal" behavior in order to learn and grow. This may be painful but you need not fear the inner power and strength you feel when you spend time alone.

 Well I am getting used to being alone. So far so good.

Second card -

Horse (C)- Horse tells us it's time to journey. Whether it's in the physical world or an inner journey she wil bring energy to help on your travels. Become comfortable with every aspect of the life cycle and take joy in your time between the earth and the sun.

Sun? The Daystar eludes us. Seriously- hear that? pay attention

Ok kids, getting tired. Have a great night
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Horse (NA)(R) - You may have failed to notice the lack of respect you are getting from others. You may also be struggling with others who are  abusing their power and asking yourself "DO I say something?" "Do I put them in their place" Try to remember the times that you have fallen and have compassion for those of your brothers and sisters who are now doing the same.
If you are feeling overwhelmed try to just BE and balance your shields. Untangle yourself from the present situation and understand that every human must follow their own pathway.

(so does this mean walk away from someone who is getting to me or does this mean shut the hell up and let them walk off the cliff of their own making? curse you oh Universe- how dare you make me use my free will like this)

and for the other thing-

Hind (C)(R) - Time to be less self effacing and more assertive. Get your head out of your astral

(ok- this card has shown up two weeks in a row so I am going to assume that last week's lesson has *not* been learned. subtle stick is ready for a beating)

Review from last week's card - Bear (C)(R) - anger needs to be tempered with compassion..dont let it get to you

Well I did not manage to avoid letting my anger get the best of me last week. *sigh* I try to remember when others are angry with me that it usually comes from a place of hurt and I can only hope the same is true in the other direction but if not then I will just have to suck it up and pay for my inability to control myself.
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My card for this week -

Horse (Celtic) Reversed - This card is asking you to look at the roots of your restlessness. If you are having difficulty staying in one place or settling down it may be that you are not fully accepting the flow of life and your part in it. Attune to Horse and he will help you with your sense of your place in the world. He will help you find your center.

Good advice. I sorely need to find my center. I think Ahske and I will be doing alot of hiking this week. For a very long time I forgot my windhorses but now is the time to seek them out again.


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