Mabon 11

Sep. 25th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Mabon oh Mabon.. What shall we focus on going into this dark time of the year?

East -Hawk (NA)(R)  Hawk is here to remind you not to color your observations with emotions. ALso try and remember that just because you are a messenger doesn't mean the message is always for you. Don't worry about interpreting omens just fly.

South -Squirrel (NA)(R) Hoarding from fear is the way of the Squirrel upside down on his branch. Erratic, scattered energy from moving too quickly should be slowed and focused for Squirrel to help you.

West - Eagle (C)(R) Pay more attention to your dreams. Listen to the call of the unconscious without denying the call of your rational mind. Eagle reversed is asking you to not deny your heart but strive for balance.

North - Weasle (NA)(R) Have you been lying to yourself or hiding your feelings? SOrt through the muddled thoughts in your head and observe what is going on around you with a clear head.

Center- Bat (NA) BAt is calling for a rebirth. The death of the old and the beginning of the new. It's time to assume a position in life that prepares you for rebirth or initiation. The universe is asking you to grow and to do so you must die a shaman's death.

Oh goodie... this journey to the dark time is going to be all about me poking around in my head? My favorite thing... *sigh*
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 So let's talk about these visitations I have been having lately from our lovely Mr. Hawk. Yes Hawk in my head feels male. Some animals are male some female and some gender neutral. Its my interpretation, deal with it. ;) 

  Hawk is focus, leadership, roots, the long view, visions and change, oh the change. In Celtic lore Hawk tells us to examine our roots to see what is relevant to us and what needs to be left behind. Tradition is nice but can hold us back. In Native America lore Hawk is the messenger of the gods and warns us to keep an eye our for messages. Change is coming. Even in Egyptian myth Hawk represents the shapeshifting of Isis and the seeing of Horus.

 What does all this mean to me? time to stop beating the "in my day" drum and move on. You can never go back. While the knowledge of what has been done is nice it's useless if it prevents you from seeing other options.
Focus. The time for bullshit is past.
Change is coming so be prepared. Transformation both inner and outer. There is a tension in the air like a rubber band pulled too tight. Gotta do what I can to be ready for the snap.
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Come baby let's go boogie! 

maybe not so much. Goddess knows what I did to my heel (nothing Lisa you are just old) but once again it is problematic. Luckily tomorrow's work consists of sitting and answering phones so there should be time for it to heal.

The last two weeks I have been visited by hawks every day. From a hawk that lands in front of my car in the morning on the way to work to the one calling yesterday and last week while I hung out laundry. Not sure how long he has been trying to get my attention because I only started to noticed after the second time he landed in front of my car in two days. Anyone want to venture a guess what He is trying to tell me?

 The recent LJ downtime had me wondering how I was going to keep track of some of the things I need to keep track of. For the most part they have been here. After five minutes of debating with myself the merits of LJ vs. notebook my brain finally went "Notepad you git" My handwriting is less than stellar so this is the solution for me.

 So much to do. Part of my vacation will be filled with planning and plotting.

Oh yes,
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It's divination weekend! Beltane! WooHoo! However it's also the beginning of a new week so there is the usual card reading to get thru.

First card - Is actually a set of cards. It's one of those weeks where things just need to let me know they are there

First card v. 1.1- Hawk (C)(R)- Looks like you are "not seeing the forest for the trees". Be careful not to get carried away with the justness of your cause to the injury of others. See the big picture.

v. 1.2- Salmon (NA)- Trust your inner knowing. Retrace your path to this point. See the opportunity in all situations both easy and difficult.

Hmmmmm.... bumpy road ahead this week I see. Have to keep on my toes. Can do.

Second card- Same as before, two cards tumbled into my lap. Message received.

v. 2.1- Dolphin (NA)(R)- Dolphin is here to remind you to breathe. Pay close attention to your body and stress levels. If you are on edge it's time to focus on releasing old breath all the way from the bottom of your lungs.

v. 2.2- Cat(C)(R)- This card reminds you not to become a lazy cat, indolent and self absorbed. It can be just another way to run away from the world, mired in sensuality. Ground yourself.

hhmmmm.. breathe and ground. got it?
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Owwwww..... This week has been one of fighting off a low level ick. A few days of headaches and general down time made getting through the week extra special hard but not impossibly so. However, there were some good decisions made this week with help from some very very smart people. Let's see what the coming week has in store :)

First card -

Armadillo (NA)- It's time to ask yourself why you have become a "yes" person. Define your boundaries. Ask yourself why you continue to fall back in to that pattern. Reclaim your space.

What???? Me????  *sigh* yes .. I will have to keep an eye out for this one.

Second card -

Hawk (C)- Take a little time out to free yourself of your baggage and put your life in perspective. Knowing where you have come from sets you free to fly where you need. When you sense your roots and the breadth of your life, you will start to have a sense of pride. Then you will be able to make decisions with confidence.

What is this without baggage you speak of? Good luck :) 
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Wow, what a day of stuff and things in my head. I feel like Lt. Barclay when the Cytherians hijacked his brain. More on that later but for now there are divinations afoot! afoot I say....

First card

Air Dragon (C)- Like a bolt of lightening Air Dragon brings insight and clarity. Be careful though that you are not overwhelmed. Inspiration is the gift of this Dragon. He is also sometimes the messenger of the Gods so be watchful!

Oh tasty tasty irony! I have spent this morning all over the tubes due to a dream I had last night. More on that in another post.

Second card
Hawk (NA)(R)- Hawk contrary asks us not to let our own thoughts and emotions color the messages we receive for others. Honor the Great Spirit within and do not assume that because someone doesn't think, feel or react as you do that makes them lesser than you.

Animal Card

Mar. 3rd, 2008 08:26 am
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This week's card -

Hawk (C) - Hawk brings you the gift of perspective, to free yourself of unnecessary baggage and connect to your roots. He will help you recollect the missing pieces of the puzzle you will be trying to assemble and spot the significant details. Once you do this your life will be filled with inspiration and confidence.

*sigh* distance and persepctive... but i am afraid of heights.


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