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Long time no post. Despite not putting here what I pull there is still a weekly divination. I will try to be better about posting it. Helps me to look back.

After the rough waters of last week there will hopefully be better weeks ahead. My leg is slowly getting back to 100% but I am still taking it easy until I am sure. Don't want to permanently damage anything.

Anyway- on to the cards eh?

Hare (C)(R)- Hare coming in on it's head may be telling you that you are spending too much time with your head up your astral. Time to get a little balance back into your life. Wisdom comes from many source and common sense may be needed more than ever this week.

Considering how much mundane stuff I have to get done this week this does not surprise me. Focus is the byword of the day it seems

Dragonfly (NA)- Dragonfly is the element of change looking to blow through your life. You may need to look over the illusions you hold on to that restrict your life or examine habits that might need change. In any case, change is the order of the day.

Change is on the way no doubt. Let's see how much ok? :)

That is it for tonight kids. More later.

Animal Card

Dec. 5th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Well aren't I a chatty gal tonight? I know.. so what... make with the cards. ;) 

First one

Hare (C)- Rebirth and Intuition are the benefits of Hare. She will bring the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance and willing to release us as each creative cycle comes to and end. With Hare as an ally you will be able to negotiate times of change and draw on your intuition to guide you.

  Goddess I hope so.

And the next -

Bat(NA)- IfBat has appeared in your cards today it symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of a life that no longer suits your new growth pattern. This can mean a time of letting go of old habits and of assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth. In every case the Bat signals the death of something old and a rebirth. If you resist it can be long and drwn out. The universe is asking you to grow- to do so you must die the shaman's death.

Wow.. Dude..


Well it looks like the Universe is pushing us along.
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My cards for this week

Fire Dragon (C)- With care you can fuel your inner fire and channel it with laser-like precision to help you achieve your objectives. He brings you the energy to overcome obsticles and find the energy needed to cope with life's problems. Fire Dragon helps align you with the qualities of mastery and transmutation.


Transmutation? orly? hmmmm .....

and the other card -

Hare (C)(R)- "Just because their dead doesn't mean they are smart" These are your watchwords from contrary Hare. Maybe its time to stop focusing on the Otherworld or "wisdom of the ages" and start focusing on the here and now and common sense. Something is out of balance and only you can set it right.
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My card for this week

Hare (C) - Hare brings with it balance, intuition and the promise of fulfillment. Hare is a creature of the Goddess, who stands between the night and the day. Shapeshifting is strong in Hare. She is here to help guide you thru this time of transition and change, from one creative endeavor to the next.

bonus jumped out at me card -

Blackbird (C) (r) - Blackbird is the smith's bird. If it comes into your life reversed it is telling you its time to create a life of purpose and passion. All four elements are used in metal working and Blackbird is calling you to integrate all four - mind,heart,instinct and intuition into your life. Just standing between both worlds without doing anything is not enough.

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Todays Animal Card -

 Hare (R) - Hare hopping backward into your life is there to tell you there is an imbalance in your life. You are paying too much attention to the inward. (what has been referred to as "get your head out of your astral") You need to find balance. Wisdom comes from many sources and you may need to apply common sense to a greater degree than you have been.

Also falling into my lap was Swan (r) in the Native American deck  which tells me to focus less in your head and more on your body.

hmm.. time to get my head out of my ass I guess.


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