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Feb. 7th, 2010 11:48 am
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New week, new cards. Last week's Raven card did not manifest as I had feared which was a great relief. Let's see what this week hold shall we?

Fire Dragon (C)(R)-You have too much or too little energy. You need the help of Fire Dragon to either lend you energy if you are tired or take some of your extra energy. Misdirected energy can be dangerous but can also be formed laser like for your benefit.

well considering how blah I have felt this last week I am going with tired need help.

Buffalo (NA)(R)- In the contrary position Buffalo is telling you that you have forgotten to seek help when needed. The closed fist cannot receive abundance. Time to open yourself up and touch the source of all things so you may be refreshed.

and the last one

Fox (C)(R)- Be sure you are not using your cleverness dishonestly. Too often cunning can be turned to conning. Fox may also be telling you that you are coming to that inner place where you feel the victim. Time to lay low and deal with why you feel that way.

This is certainly a lot to chew on. I will give it some serious thought but for now it's pancake time.
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My cards for this week

Fire Dragon (C)- With care you can fuel your inner fire and channel it with laser-like precision to help you achieve your objectives. He brings you the energy to overcome obsticles and find the energy needed to cope with life's problems. Fire Dragon helps align you with the qualities of mastery and transmutation.


Transmutation? orly? hmmmm .....

and the other card -

Hare (C)(R)- "Just because their dead doesn't mean they are smart" These are your watchwords from contrary Hare. Maybe its time to stop focusing on the Otherworld or "wisdom of the ages" and start focusing on the here and now and common sense. Something is out of balance and only you can set it right.

Animal Card

Jun. 1st, 2009 07:41 am
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My card for this week -

Fire Dragon (C)(R)- This card suggests you may be repressing anger. This may manifest as a great deal of nervous energy or you may feel scattered or dissipated.Whether you have too much or too little energy learning how to effectively channel can be done with Fire Dragon as an ally.

hmm... interesting. I think I might know how this will play out.

Animal Card

Nov. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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Animal Card - Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon brings you vitality, enthusiasm courage and an increased ability to overcome obsticles. Fire Dragon will align you with the poweres of leadership an mastery. He will help you channel that energy with laser like precision.

I also picked a blank card first which means things are up in the air.

Time to hunker down and focus I guess.


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