Mabon 11

Sep. 25th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Mabon oh Mabon.. What shall we focus on going into this dark time of the year?

East -Hawk (NA)(R)  Hawk is here to remind you not to color your observations with emotions. ALso try and remember that just because you are a messenger doesn't mean the message is always for you. Don't worry about interpreting omens just fly.

South -Squirrel (NA)(R) Hoarding from fear is the way of the Squirrel upside down on his branch. Erratic, scattered energy from moving too quickly should be slowed and focused for Squirrel to help you.

West - Eagle (C)(R) Pay more attention to your dreams. Listen to the call of the unconscious without denying the call of your rational mind. Eagle reversed is asking you to not deny your heart but strive for balance.

North - Weasle (NA)(R) Have you been lying to yourself or hiding your feelings? SOrt through the muddled thoughts in your head and observe what is going on around you with a clear head.

Center- Bat (NA) BAt is calling for a rebirth. The death of the old and the beginning of the new. It's time to assume a position in life that prepares you for rebirth or initiation. The universe is asking you to grow and to do so you must die a shaman's death.

Oh goodie... this journey to the dark time is going to be all about me poking around in my head? My favorite thing... *sigh*
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    Taking a break from cleaning and paperwork to stop by and write this down. Last week was a little bumpy but overall a good one. Slowly things are working themselves out to where they need to be it seems. :)

First card -

Salmon- (C) Salmon speaks of a time to return to our beginnings - to childhood or beyond that. She offers us wisdom and inspiration. You must maintain an attitude of openness and innocence to find these things.

I am curious to see how this works out. So many options here. This journey should be fun.

And the second one -

Eagle- (C)(R)-Pay attention to your dreams. Your heart and mind need to be in balance to guard against the overpowering intellect. Listen to your unconscious without denying your rational mind.

 Good idea.

It should be an interesting week. I am looking forward to it.

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Another beautiful late autumn day here at the roost. Time to see what the Universe has in mind for this week-

 First card

Black Panther (NA)-Do not worry about the future. Let your fears go and simply BE. It may be time to take that leap with implicit trust. Trust that you are not suppose to mentally "figure it out" at this time. Go deep into the stillness of the void, find the will to avoid foolish interruptions, going deeper into your own self discovery.

 *sigh* really? more belly work? This seriously feels way too self indulgent. However go with the flow I will. Learn the force must I.

and the second one

Eagle(C)(R)- You may need to guard against an overpowering intellect. When we deny our mind access to our heart, our lives can become sterile. You may want to pay attention to your dreams.Listen to your unconscious, without denying your rational mind.



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