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Well another week of fun and frustration has passed. There have been some low moments and some good ones too. Just like life is. Crazy how that works eh? Mercury is in retrograde and now Pluto is as well. With Scorpio being tied to Pluto there will be an awful lot of examination of my life in the next five months. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those times of chaos and life shifts. I also have a sinking feeling it starts this week...

and this is why-

First card

Blank (C)(NA)- I pulled the blank card from the Celtic deck first. Normally when this happens I pull an extra card for a little more clarification. My second card was one of the two blanks from the Native American deck. Well I may be a little slow but even I got this one. This week is up to the Universe. Just leave myself open to the experience. See? Adventure.

Second card
Dog (C)(NA) Examine the loyalty and faithfulness of you or those around you. If you find it difficult to make friends ask yourself how much of that is fear of faithlessness. Cu will help you develop the qualities of selflessness and trust that will nurture close relationships. Just keep in mind that sometimes that can go too far. A dog is sometimes too anxious to please even a cruel master.

Interesting. Selflessness again.

Should be an interesting week kids.
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Another week is upon us. The cycle continues.

Alligator (NA)-Have you been rushing headlong through life and not taking the time to count your victories or digest your Rites of Passage? It is time to stop and integrate your progress. Remember that quick fix solutions do not support long term goals. Try not to fall into the human judgement game. Take another, deeper look.

(this is my card and lol.. more patience and advice to take my time. It's ok. I can take a hint) 

and the next

Dog(C)(R) - Dog asks you to examine your loyalty in relationship to those around you. If you find it difficult to keep friendships examine the extent to which these qualities are expressed in yourself to help you develop trust and selflessness for others.

(this one is not for me and I will *not* say what I think here because my filters are in the way)

and the last one

Stag (C)- Stag is here to signify an auspicious start to a new project. If you are somewhere public it can be called upon for dignity. It is also here to help you find your independence. Stand tall and proud and grace, dignity and power can be yours.

(also not for me but I certainly hope this is accurate. It makes me smile)
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Weekly Animal Card -

Dog (NA)(R)-It's time to tackle those fears which are enemies to your self-confidence. These are thoughts that tell you that you are not worthy of loyalty. Examine the patterns of disloyalty in your life.

the next

Owl (C)- Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Owl is perhaps telling you that now is the time to look into the esoteric. Taking walks at twilight will help you connect with that Otherworld that is the place where owl dwells.

and the last

Lizard (NA)(R)-Lizard may be telling you that you need more sleep or more dreams. Imagination is the door to new ideas and you may not be tapping into that which renews and refreshes. Are you letting life get in the way of imagining?
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My card for this week -

Dog (C)(R) - This card asks you to examine the degree to which you or those around you may be lacking in faithfulness and loyalty. Ask yourself to what extent you value this and to what extent your friends and lovers express these values. But remember that sometimes loyalty and faithfulness can be inappropriate - a dog is often anxious to please even a cruel owner.

I also had a second card fall into my lap (literally)

Armadillo (NA)(R) - Ypu may think the only way to win is to hide but this is not true. Pretending you are armor coated and invincible is not the way to grow. It is better to open up and find the value and strength of your vulerability. You will experience something wonderful if you do.

Interesting. IT should be an interesting week.

Pet me

Mar. 17th, 2008 06:21 pm
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gakked from Morlock

lol.... woof woof

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Today's Animal Card -

Dog (NA) - If Dog has padded into your cards today it is time to check out the loyalty of others and yourself. Has someone lately shown a lack of loyalty? Are you lacking in loyalty to yourself, someone else or your life goals? Have you or someone else had your loyalty swayed by those around you? Has your need for approval jaded you? These are the questions you will be asked to answer with Dog as your guide.

hmmmm...... yet another card of deep pondering this week
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Waited until today to pull a card as I wanted to clean my altar after the New Moon.

Dog (C) - Dog is here as a loyal companion. He offers guidance and protection on your journey. He is Guardian of the Mysteries and as such can be a fierce protector. You may need to act with the spirit of Dog and protect that which you hold sacred. Faithfulness, trust and loyalty are vital ingredients of close relationships and the time may have come for you to focus on these qualities. To appreciate them in others and develop them in yourself.

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Yesterdays Card -

Dog (Celtic , drawn reversed) - If Dog is appearing reversed to you today it is asking you to examine the faithfulness and loyalty of those around you. Also yours to them. How important are these qualities to you in your friends and lovers? Dog will try to help you nurture these things but remember that sometimes they can be inappropriate. A dog is often submissive to cruel masters.

Loyalty is one of the top traits I look for in someone. Not blind loyalty-I expect to hear about it if you think I am making a mistake. So I am going to ask you all - do you think I have been lacking in the loyalty department? or faithless? let me know.

(comments screened and feel free to post anonymously if you need to)


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