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New format! I am adding the iChing to my list of things I should know so along with my weekly animal cards there will be an iChing reading to boot.
Are you excited? I am. Let's go see what is going on this week shall we?

First card -

Salmon (C)- Salmon is here to help you get back to your beginnings no matter what that will be. Keep an attitude of openness and innocence rather than strong-headed determination. This will be the path to wisdom and inspiration.

this will be amusing when we get to the iChing reading. honest.

Second card -

Crane (C)(R)-Crane is here to teach balance. Try to find a balance between being alone and with people. Ask yourself to what extent you are trying to deny something in yourself which has you leaning to being alone or immersed in social buzz.

balance dear is what it is all about. finding your feet. :)


Khwan - Earth. Receptive. Follow.
This hexagram is made up of two trigrams of Kun or Earth.It is the female receptive counterpoint to the first hexagram which is male creative energy. The Earth is receptive to creative energy and lends their strength to that idea. Khwan is a mare- strong, powerful, intelligent but needing direction. Keep yourself open and ready to follow that which lights your way whether that is a person or principle.

So looks like this is the week to relax and wait to see what comes my way. To be ready to spring on it. Interesting.
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A day early today but feels like it should be here .

    First card -

Black Panther- (NA)- Let go of fears that appear as obstacles and simply BE. Leap empty handed into the void with perfect trust. Now is the time to stop worrying about what might be and live in the moment.

How do these cards know when I am obsessing about the future?!?!? damn...

and the other-

Crane (C)- Crane will help you cultivate the ability to be patient and focused. Ask Crane for help with these two qualities.

Short I know but interesting. Especially coupled with a card I pulled which is telling me not to avoid a situation I have been avoiding. Honestly? I don't know if I can confront it head on. It's not in my nature.

*sigh* for this week I will just go with the flow and hope for the best. I think I know how to make Tab A fit into Slot B. Go insight!
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Monday Monday,

The sun is out, the birds are singing and all is right with the world.

Crane (C)(R)- Crane is not only patient but also flies in formation with others of its kind. Ask yourself if the time you spend alone and the time you spend with others is in balance. Also do not try to deny Crane as Crone aspect of the Goddess. Accept that Death is part of you and part of life and the irritability and complaining nature you have had lately should start to resolve itself.

the next -

Dragonfly (NA) Illusion. If Dragonfly has flown into your cards it's time to examine your habits and see what needs to be changed or let go. Dragonfly calls us to examine ourselves for self deception and pull back that veil of illusion to see things for what they truely are so they can be transformed.

and the last

Salmon (C)(R)- Salmon says don't go against the flow. Try to relax and approach life with a little more relaxed attitude. If you stop trying so hard to reach your goals you may find that you get there faster.

Oh goodie... embrace death. Second time in a week She has been at my doorstep. *puts on big girl pants and waits to see what life has in store for her*
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This week's card -

Crane- (C) This card symbolizes patience and focus. It also has ties to the Ogham. Take your time and focus your energies on the language of nature.

Ant (NA)Patience! Remember that you will always receive what you need when you need it most. Until then try to figure out how to use your creativity to good use.

and last

Possum- (NA)Rely upon your instincts for the best way out of a tricky situation. Now is the time to expect the unexpected and be clever about a solution.

Patience!! I don't have time for that.

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The Equinox is almost upon us my dears and change is in the wind.

This week's cards -

Raven (NA)(R) - Reversed Raven is not to be ignored! It may mean that what you send out is coming back to you. It may also be telling you that you have settled into a rut or be in a time of smokey confused messages. It's time to stop ignoring those things that don't seem "real". Raven may be pecking at your door to open your consciousness but you are blocking her or she is being blocked. Have a trained shaman take a look and see if you are blocked or being blocked by someone's negative energy. You may need help clearing the way. Ask Raven to show you the way then follow.

 umm...shit. help? 

and the Other-

Crane (C)(R) - You need to find a balance between being alone and social. The "shadow" side of Crane manifests in a harsh,mean,complaining and worrisome disposition. If you find yourself with any of these behaviors take a step back and find the root of the problem. Too much time alone and you will become anti social but too much time with others and you are running from your own thoughts. Open up to Crane and find the right balance for you.

Animal Card

Mar. 9th, 2009 07:36 am
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My card this week -

Crane (C) - Crane brings the qualities of balance and perseverance. Crane's ability to stand and focus without distraction  for long periods of time is here for you to tap. Crane also helps guide those who are dying to the underworld. This gives Crane Secret Knowledge or knowledge of the "book of Nature" Secret Knowledge is yours this week with Crane's help and patience.

Patience? lol.. have you met me? 


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