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Aug. 4th, 2009 07:46 am
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See I knew I forgot something yesterday-

Card for this week-

Bull (C)(R)- You may be having trouble feeling motivated. there is a reason they call it "stubborn as a bull" Now is the time to look at the roots of your lack of motivation, you may be making more of a choice than you think. It may also be acting like a "bull in a china shop" Are you being sufficiently sensitive to others feelings? You need to be mindful of how you react to certain situations. Do not let your personal power become power over others.

*Oh obvious stick how you flog me with your truth*

and for the other-

Cow (C) - Be aware of the Goddess, her generosity, healing and nourishing power. She bring protection from harmful influences and by attuning yourself to her you can gain the inestimable benefit of a deep and peaceful sleep. OPen yourself up and connect to her and you will receive a perpetual stream of nourishing energy. There is nothing you need do.

*good. hopefully this means there is a break on the way*
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My card for this week -

Stag (C)(R)- Ask yourself how much your pride is helping or hindering you right now. Pride can be used to block your feelings of vulnerability and enjoyment of life. Stag also asks for sacrifice. Ask yourself what in your life you can let go of to thereby gain independence and integrity.

and of other things -

Bull (C)(R)- you may be having trouble getting motivated. Stubborn as in "bull headed". Look at the roots of your motivation. You may be choosing by inaction.
Bonus card -
Whale (NA)- Find your personal song. Open yourself up to you past and use your voice to release tension or emotion. Find the sound that will release your soul into the Universe.

I really need to think on this one. Interesting.
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This week's card -

Mouse - (NA) Scrutinize. Mouse is telling you to look at yourself and others carefully. Maybe that hunk of cheese tempting you is sitting on a deadly trap. Maybe someone you have delegated a job to is not doing it faithfully. Take a good look and see what is right before your eyes and act accordingly.

and for the other

Bull (C) - Fertility, potency, abundance and prosperity is Bull's gift but these things an sometimes take a while to achieve. You need to work steadfastly for a considerable period of time to achieve your goals but Bull will help you do this without becoming drained or depressed.

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Todays card is Bull Celtic meaning

  Bull is bringing you wealth and abundance. Remember though that true wealth is found in the soul first. Bull can help you achieve your goals without becoming depressed or drained. Just remember these things take time to achieve.

and my Mabon reading... this covers  the next six weeks ..

East - This is Air and thought
     Prairie Dog - Time to retrest and gain some perspective. If you have been pushing too hard take a step back and wait for the dust to settle. You need to rest anyway.

South - Fire and passion
  Cow -Celtic - R- examine the ways in which you give and receive. If you are anxious you cannot give fully

West - water and  emotions
   Bee - Time to be with others and celebrate. Feel the joy that being part of a community can bring.

North - Earth and practical matters
 Mountain Lion - Leadership. stand your ground but let your heart lead. Do you still want a pack of cubs or is it time to push them out of the nest?

Center - Spirit and the Soul
 Otter- Women's mysteries. Playfulness. Go with the flow and enjoy where the Universe takes you


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