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   Well well what an adventurous evening we had. Last night about 10 p.m. Bubba came up from the basement to ask if we knew there was a "bit of water coming in the basement". I had just been down there 10 minutes or so before her so it was a bit of a surprise but we went down to take a peek. when we got there there was a stream of water pouring in from under the door that leads outside.  Pinky tried to stem the flood with the shop vac but after 2.5 fills the vacuum stopped sucking (or started sucking depending on how you look at things) while Bubba and I tried to keep the water from getting to the boiler and water heater. WHen the shop vac died we called Becka and Joe because we knew they had just had the same problem and had a shop vac. They were wonderful enough not only to run it up here at 1130 at night but to stay and help stem the tide of well, tide. Joe also helped patch the hole where the water was streaming in. They were totally awesome (as if you guys didn't already know that) and after a few more hours of work we got the flood under control. This morning the basement was mostly dry thankfully. Today we will clean out the soggy quilts we used to hold the water at bay, go through the wet stuff and basically start that basement cleaning project we have been putting off for months. 

  Have I mentioned how awesome Bec and Joe were? and Pinky and Bubba? they all busted ass last night. There was the flood which was bad but there were amazing people which was great.

THanks again guys! 
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Happy one day late birthday wishes to -

[ profile] shegavemeapen_x 

There is heart and stuff and words for you :) 

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All I can say is this is Bubba funny -  Buttersafe comic

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My daughter and I are talking about making me into a diamond when I die .
Here is part of the conversation -

Bubs red or orange
Me: yeah
Me: those are nice
Bubs: the colors that most suit you
Me: you think ?
Bubs: you dont?
Me: i do
Me: i was just wondering why you do
Bubs: well the colors that suit you the most are fall colors, brown red orange, and you wanted to have red hair always, and you're really opinionated/open and not really scared to say what you want and i associate that color with red

Am I the only person who does not see myself that way?
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My daughter this evening while watching Project Runway.

Bubba - "So I am thinking about applying to WPI. They have a great mechanical engineering program"
Tedivm - "They have one of the top programs in the country"
Bubba - "So if I don't get into Wentworth do you think I can get into WPI?"
Me - "Wait.. WPI is your backup school for Wentworth Institute of Technology?!?"
Bubba = "Yeah. Why? Is that bad?"

Tedivm and I - *laughter*

So she will be applying to WPI too.
The sticker shock may kill her dad.


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