Samhain '11

Nov. 7th, 2011 08:04 pm
sylvari: (Sekhmet)
Better late than never here is my reading for the next six weeks.

East - Wolf (NA)(R) - Expand your view of the present situation. You have become bogged down in ideas and now it's time to delete some to make room for new wisdom. (Interesting. Today I went and reread some of the second degree coursework because I thought I might have been missing something. Turns out I think I was. Now I wonder what else I need to be an empty cup for)

South - Frog (C)(R) - You are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. The circumstances you have chosen to accept may seem difficult but in the end will have rich rewards. (this is the house of spiritual pursuits. lol..yeah, not an easy path and the work will only get harder. Thanks..)

West - Bear (C)- Find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength to your intuition.  Look deep into your ancestral roots and embrace that primal warrior that lives within. (well west is all about intuition yes? So I need to sharpen those skills that lead me to my inner knowing. Other than more meditation I am not sure how though)

North - Blue Heron (NA) - Trust your path, delve deep within yourself and embrace the journey. Find your sense of self. (This one is harder as North usually refers to home and work etc. The things you can touch.)

Center - Wild Boar (NA) - Stop procrastinating. You can face what you have been avoiding. In any case be mindful and fully present in everything you do. (LOL! well it doesn't get much clearer than that eh? Keep working it is)

Certainly a lot of food for thought there. Should be a very interesting and inward turning cycle.

Animal Card

Sep. 8th, 2009 07:37 am
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Yesterday was a bit odd as far as the cards go. The first card I pulled was blank which means there is a bit of confusion and "its all up in the air" quality about things. Then as I went to pull another card 3 literally fell into my lap so ...

Cat (C)(R)- Resist the temptation to escape from reality. Make sure you are grounded in reality this week.
Spider (NA)(R) - Why have you stopped honoring your mate? Restore that balance. Also-you are feeling stagnant and not creative. Get moving
Blue Heron (NA) - Self reflection. Examine yourself and see where you need to improve.

Well..interesting. I guess while Mercury is in retrograde it's time to do that inward thing.

and the other thing -

Goose (C) - This card indicates you are ready to take on the responsibilities of a long term partnership. It brings creative and productive power and allows you to be open to it.

ok kids...



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