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  Right smack dab in the middle of winter we are with Imolc just a week and some away. The cold make everything twice as hard to do yet life moves on. What will this chilly week bring? 

First card -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is the smith's bird and his song may be calling you to work at the forge of your heart. All four elements are used in metal-working (and glass making btw) and to have a healthy and balanced life you must work with these four elements integrating our minds, hearts, instinct and intuition. Use all four to create a life of passion and purpose.

  Well this does dovetail with some thoughts that I have been throwing around in my head lately. Curse you for reading my mind.

and the second

Frog (C)- Don't judge a book by it's cover! There is hidden beauty in the world and a hidden power in nature. Open yourself up to both. Look behind appearances to find joy.

 Interesting. Not sure how this will play out.

Last week did reveal a few secrets which as a Scorpio and well, grown up I can't reveal. Let's just say one may be helpful and one is just damn juicy. the one that came to me unbidden in a dream will need play out over time.
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Cards for this week! How exciting is this? :P

Raccoon (NA)- If the little bandit has wandered into your cards this week he is telling you to look around and see who needs your strength at this time. Maybe it's time to share the bounty of your time, energy or possessions. It may be time to step up in defense of another but remember to help those in need develop their own protector skills. Honor yourself and others equally.

Interesting. Protect is easy but helping someone develop their own skills implies they are willing to learn. Wish me luck with that one.

Blackbird (C)- Blackbird is calling you to create a life's passion To create a healthy, balanced life you must work with the power of the four elements integrating our minds, hearts, instinct and intuition.

Yes please! :)
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My cards for this week.

  Water Dragon (C) - Memories or wishes which have been repressed may emerge this week. They may try to overwhelm you with their negativity or destructiveness. Face these experiences with courage and it will bring you a greater depth of soul. Although you may feel overwhelmed with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance as these feelings are integrated in your consciousness.

yeah.. where was this yesterday? 

The other -

Rabbit (NA)(R) - Contrary Rabbit says wait. rest. soon the universe will start moving again. Until then find a quiet place to wait. When the universe starts its motions again you will be rested and ready.

New one -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is calling you to forge a life of passion and work. To stand in the doorway and not do anything is to deny life and responsibility. The blackbird is the bird of the smith. Smithing uses all four elements and blackbird is calling you to integrate all four elements, mind, heart, instinct and intuition into your life.

So good week for somethings and buckle down week for others. With Arisia looming on the horizon this presents interesting issues. We shall see.
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My card for this week

Hare (C) - Hare brings with it balance, intuition and the promise of fulfillment. Hare is a creature of the Goddess, who stands between the night and the day. Shapeshifting is strong in Hare. She is here to help guide you thru this time of transition and change, from one creative endeavor to the next.

bonus jumped out at me card -

Blackbird (C) (r) - Blackbird is the smith's bird. If it comes into your life reversed it is telling you its time to create a life of purpose and passion. All four elements are used in metal working and Blackbird is calling you to integrate all four - mind,heart,instinct and intuition into your life. Just standing between both worlds without doing anything is not enough.

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New Week new cards -

Once again I picked one and another fell into my lap. So we have a twofer today

Badger- use your anger to work for you in clearing roadblocks. When Badger enters your life she is there to remind you that aggressiveness can work for you sometimes. Just be careful you dont go overboard.
(lol.. too friggin late on that one. As everyone knows I have "anger issues". Maybe Badger should pay more attention to things)

Blackbird - Blackbird flies into your life to remind you that while living in the "Real World" is a good thing sometimes we need to listen to the call of our inner self too. Look a little deeper into your spiritual side.
(Oh goodie .. one more thing on my todo list)

I dont think I am in the right headspace for this message today. *sigh*

Animal Card

Apr. 7th, 2007 03:34 pm
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I forgot at the begining of this week - This week I picked two cards. One for the week and one for my path.

My Animal Guide for this week

Deer- Deer reminds us to be gentle. To accept those we love as they are and not try to push them into being something they are not. Be gentle as the summer breeze.

( Well.. this would have been nice to have known earlier. This one is a little irritating. How much can one person bend before they break? Why does it always have to be ME that changes. Until I can really accept this one it will remain. )

For my path -

Blackbird - Blackbird asks us to heed the Inner Call. She sits between both words urging us to walk it.Go find your inner truths. Heed the song of your Soul.


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