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 For the white dog cookin' in my basement.

Ok, maybe not in my basement. Pinky and Bubba got together and bought me a stove top still for my birthday so hopefully we will have something fun to sample soon. Fermented drinks are a slow process where you have to pay attention to each step so this lesson in patience keeps rearing it's head. We will hopefully be able to head to Northampton for some brewers yeast in the next week and then it's time to make the mash! Come next year it's also small enough to make medicinal herbal concoctions too. 
 Hopefully we can grab a beer making kit next so I can give that a go too as it's not the same process. :)

here is a picture of the new prezzie-

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Happy one day late birthday wishes to -

[ profile] shegavemeapen_x 

There is heart and stuff and words for you :) 

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So last Saturday was my 42nd birthday and Big Sister sent me the way of this article -

 Turns out 42 is the answer

So my brilliant f-list ....

As I am now at the Prime Number of my life and due for a huge change any advice on a direction? Words of infinite wisdom?

What one crazy thing can you see me doing in this next year?

Give me not a birthday wish but a birthday goal. :) 

and thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Natal day.
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  Today ~

 Happy Birthday Pinky. :)


27 looks good on you :)

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Sorry this is a day late....

Happy Birthday Ashke

and many more
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 Happy Birthday Kitten!!!!


Oct. 11th, 2007 11:22 am
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For my el jay friends.

Ramdomber asked me what I wanted for my birthday yesterday and after much internal debate- a stick to beat the stupid out of people, a woodchipper and a giant tote, access to the pig farm and the such I decided that what I really want is ink.
So I am asking you for your suggestions on a place to go. Two wrist pieces, one sun one moon with symbols and such things that make Pagan girls go *squee* Is there anyone out there who can do this justice? They will have to draw the pieces with my input so I am hoping for someone fairly creative please.

Thank you..
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Today is Ashke's birthday

so for him

Happy Birthday Baby )


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