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Well here I am once again behind the rest of the world. This past week has been filled with cleaning things up and getting things organized. However some things are necessary so we take a moment out of our day to get them done. Like this -

East- Cat (C(R)- Be wary of becoming a fireside cat and turning from the world. An indolent and self absorbed sensuality can quickly turn to an escape from the real world. A cat can easily travel to the Otherworld but only when she is rooted in this one.

South- Bee (C)By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around the Goddess, by celebrating community can we live in harmony. Celebrate something. Come together as a community.

West- Mountain Lion (NA)(R)Leadership questions are brought by Mountain Lion- are you avoiding taking the leadership role? are you abusing your leadership powers? is a leader taking you down a primrose path? Don't hide in a cave of shyness or uncertainty, roar with conviction and laughter.

North- Owl (C) Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage to an advantage. Twilight has been called owl-light and going out for a walk in the woods at this time is an excellent way to develop an awareness of the Otherworld. Work with the owl if you intend to study esoteric subjects or clairvoyancy.

Center- Grouse(NA(R)Grouse here is warning you that your energy may be scattered or undisciplined. A lack of clear intent is causing you to feel like your are in a tailspin. You may become focused on something to the exclusion of all else. Go walking to put yourself back in touch with the Earth and body. Grouse is here to help you ground and put you back in harmony with the body, mind and spirit

Interesting, Clearly addresses things that are both here and not here yet.

Animal Card

Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:06 pm
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 First reading of the new year! Such a beautiful day. Perhaps it's just the general mood but things feel way more....optimistic today than they have in a long time. There are things afoot at work and while I am doing my best not to go digging for secrets it is not easy. So very not easy.

  First Card - 

Salmon (C)-Journey to the beginning, to the place of our birth is the message of Salmon. Maintain an attitude of openness and innocence and seek your beginnings whether that is your childhood or even further back to beyond your beginning in this life. Here you will find wisdom. timely. 

Second card- there were two of them so I present both. These things do happen. 

Bee (C)- Bee is reminding us to take time to celebrate! This is a good week to raise a toast to something. Bee is here to connect us to our community and the Goddess. Celebrate! 

 Butterfly (NA)- Butterfly asks you to check where you are in this transformation. Once you figure out how far into the transformation you are you can then look to see what message Butterfly is sending you to help you progress to the next stage. 

  So much food for thought. I hope there is some hard, deep thinking going on there.

ok, off to clean breakfast up.  
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So much going on! For the moment though let's just do this one regular thing then maybe we will go over other things.

First card -

Deer (NA)(R) If reversed Deer has found its way into your cards today it is asking you to love yourself so you can face your fears. You may be so deep you do not realize that you are projecting your fears onto others instead of facing them. Unconditional love is no strings attached that means for yourself too.

 How much longer do i have to love myself. I am actually feeling pretty good about me right now. shhhhh

Second card-

Bee (C)(R)- You are feeling unsure and out of place in your world. If you find you are lacking motivation it may be that you need Bee medicine. You may need to prod yourself into action before others do the prodding for you. SPend some time thinking about your role in life and then make decisions in accordance with your sense of purpose and the resulting goals. Celebrate life and our place in it.

Well duh, how many times have i said this? ;) 
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Cards for the coming week. Let's hope I make it.


Bee (C)(R)- SO you are feeling a little out of place in your life? Bee tells you to sit and think about your role and make decisions in accordance with your sense of purpose. If you are lacking in motivation or feeling isolated you may need some bee medicine. Remember that the Goddess call us to a celebration of life and homage to the sun and working hard.

  Hmm... great food for thought.

and the other-

Cat (C)(R)- Beware of indulgence. Do not become too lazy to bother about the world, just laying around the fireside. Sensuality can be overwhelming and a way to run away from the world.

I am in the middle of a spring cold which, while not earth shattering, is keeping me up at nights coughing. I am physically tired. sigh. No worries about overindulging in any way this week. lol..
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 Yes yes.. there will be an Arisia post later today but for now there is this-

Animal card for this week-

  Dragonfly (NA)(R)- Are you caught in an illusion that weakens your true feelings or minimizes your abilities? Is this the final crash and burn for some pipe dream that serves no real purpose? Misery is a prime clue that you were deluded into believing that you would be happier if you changed for someone else. That is illusion. You gave your power away and now its time to take it back. Remember that reality is an illusion that you create. 

  Ok.. this totally ties in with some revelations and changes that happened this weekend, Amazing. :) 

the next one a dual pull. When a card falls into my lap I don't ignore it.

Bee (C)(R) - Bee reversed may be telling you that you feel out of place in your community. Time to stop and think about where you want to be. What role do you want in live? Give it some thought and move from there.

Otter (NA)(R) - Otter is telling you not to fear rejection. Reach out now and relax. Let the spirit of playfulness the Otter brings run through you. You may also be running from one thing to another without focus. Once again Otter says- relax.

 This also jives with much of what has developed in the last week or so.

and the last -

Salmon (C)- Salmon brings wisdom, inspiration and youthfulness. Open yourself up to what may come and you will find the inspiration you are looking for. Just remember that this can't be forced. Go with the flow.

Animal Card

Dec. 1st, 2009 10:10 am
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Once again trying to get back into the swing of things.

Card this week-

Salmon (C)- Salmon is the Oldest Animal and as such offers us wisdom and inspiration. As the salmon goes back to its place of birth so too must you go back to your beginnings - your childhood or even farther back to a place where you truly began. He is here to bring inspiration but to do so you must maintain an attitude of innocence and open mindedness.

and the other

Bee (C)(R)- This may indicate you are feeling out of place. Unsure of your role in the world. You may need Bee medicine. Prod yourself into action before others do the prodding.Spend some time thinking about your role in life then make decisions based on your sense of purpose and goals. She is calling you to remember to celebrate life and recognition of membership in the community.



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