Samhain '11

Nov. 7th, 2011 08:04 pm
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Better late than never here is my reading for the next six weeks.

East - Wolf (NA)(R) - Expand your view of the present situation. You have become bogged down in ideas and now it's time to delete some to make room for new wisdom. (Interesting. Today I went and reread some of the second degree coursework because I thought I might have been missing something. Turns out I think I was. Now I wonder what else I need to be an empty cup for)

South - Frog (C)(R) - You are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. The circumstances you have chosen to accept may seem difficult but in the end will have rich rewards. (this is the house of spiritual pursuits. lol..yeah, not an easy path and the work will only get harder. Thanks..)

West - Bear (C)- Find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength to your intuition.  Look deep into your ancestral roots and embrace that primal warrior that lives within. (well west is all about intuition yes? So I need to sharpen those skills that lead me to my inner knowing. Other than more meditation I am not sure how though)

North - Blue Heron (NA) - Trust your path, delve deep within yourself and embrace the journey. Find your sense of self. (This one is harder as North usually refers to home and work etc. The things you can touch.)

Center - Wild Boar (NA) - Stop procrastinating. You can face what you have been avoiding. In any case be mindful and fully present in everything you do. (LOL! well it doesn't get much clearer than that eh? Keep working it is)

Certainly a lot of food for thought there. Should be a very interesting and inward turning cycle.
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Omg... both time to post and the ability to do so?? What is going on here?

Back on track kids

First card -

Blank- Not too much of a surprise as there is a lot going on in my head. Mercury goes retro on the 3rd which leaves things a bit more swirly than usual. However I had another card fall into my lap so we take them both. When I pull this card to me it always means - up to you with no help from me. Gee I love that ...

Jaguar (NA)-INTEGRITY is the message Jaguar brings. Stay humble and true to your word. You have been doing your persona best and now is not the time to falter in that resolve. Remember though to allow for mistakes, embrace forgiveness and practice self forgiveness. This allows your spirit to rebalance.

 so.... keep it up and stop beating yourself up for mistakes? So easy to say, so hard to do.

Second card-

Bear (C)(NA)-Take care not to be overwhelmed with anger and a ferocious spirit. Compassion is necessary for a spirit to thrive.

Oh good luck with that. Travel does not always bring out the best in us.

It should be an interesting week for sure.

Animal Card

Jun. 8th, 2009 11:30 am
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My card this week -

Bear (C)(R)- Do not be overwhelmed by anger or the ferocious mother. Those forces must be tempered with compassion and reason to be effective. If you persevere you will be able to integrate your spiritual qualities with your Primal.

for other purposes

Hind (C)(R)- Be less self effacing and a little more assertive. Also get your head out of your astral.
Water Dragon (C)-That which has lain beneath the surface comes to light and you may be overwhelmed. face things so you can move on.
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My Animal Card for this week

Bear (C)- Bear is here to encourage you to get in touch with your roots. She is telling you to touch the Primal Mother. Listen to your intuition. Become the Spiritual Warrior by marrying your strength with your intuition. The power is there for you to tap if you can combine the two.

hmmmmmmmm interesting.
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Card for the week-

Bear (Celtic)Reversed - Bear gives you clear warning not to be overwhelmed by the Ferocious Mother, by forces of anger and primal ferocity that, without compassion and reason can damage not only you but others around you. Bear brings great reserves of power. With Patience you will be able to integrate your spiritual, intuitive side with your primal, instinctive side.

Oh goodie "angry Lisa is coming out" that pretty much sums this week up.

*sigh* I am doomed to be a bitch. fuck it all.
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Yesterday morning I chose Bear (reversed)

When Bear appears to you reversed it is a clear warning not to be overwhelmed by the ferocious mother bear that lives in you. Don't let the beserker warrior take over. Temper your anger with compassion. Doing so will help you tap the strong reserve of power that Bear provides.

I am afraid this warning would have been better served a day early. ahh well.. I will not repeat my initial mistake.


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