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Nov. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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Animal Card - Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon brings you vitality, enthusiasm courage and an increased ability to overcome obsticles. Fire Dragon will align you with the poweres of leadership an mastery. He will help you channel that energy with laser like precision.

I also picked a blank card first which means things are up in the air.

Time to hunker down and focus I guess.
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My card for this week -

Horse (Celtic) Reversed - This card is asking you to look at the roots of your restlessness. If you are having difficulty staying in one place or settling down it may be that you are not fully accepting the flow of life and your part in it. Attune to Horse and he will help you with your sense of your place in the world. He will help you find your center.

Good advice. I sorely need to find my center. I think Ahske and I will be doing alot of hiking this week. For a very long time I forgot my windhorses but now is the time to seek them out again.
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Todays card is Stag- reversed

Stag in this aspect is asking you to examine the degree to which pride is hindering or helping you. Is your pride just a mask for feelings of inadequacy you are not dealing with? How well is it serving you?
Stag reversed is also a call to cull your herd. Are there things in your life you need to let go of? Possessions? thought patterns? people who are holding you back? Now is the time to consider sacrifice to maintain balance. is time to start laying in for winter. TO turn inward and do a little mental housecleaning. Guess this is my brick to the head to do so.
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Animal Card today - Opossum

The Medicine of Opossum is diversion. You are being asked to use strategy in some present situation. Rely upon your instincts out of a tight corner. Many times showing you are not hurt by taunting or painful words will get the antagonist to stop. If that means you need to look apathetic or unafraid so be it. Lie low until the right time. Expect the unexpected.

Hun. Interesting . Don't know if I can do this.
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Todays Animal Card -

 Hare (R) - Hare hopping backward into your life is there to tell you there is an imbalance in your life. You are paying too much attention to the inward. (what has been referred to as "get your head out of your astral") You need to find balance. Wisdom comes from many sources and you may need to apply common sense to a greater degree than you have been.

Also falling into my lap was Swan (r) in the Native American deck  which tells me to focus less in your head and more on your body.

hmm.. time to get my head out of my ass I guess.

Animal Card

Sep. 5th, 2007 07:25 am
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   Yesterday I had two hards fall into my lap.

  Badger (R) - Badger upside down in your life is telling you to examine to causes of your anger. Are you feeling helpless? About what? Is your anger misdirected?
 Badger may also be telling you to get over your inaction or shyness. If you want something now is the time to go for it. If you have been putting things off now is the time to do them. You may need someone else's aggressive creativity to help spark your own.

Swan (R) - Swan reversed says it is time to come to terms with a separation. You need to be able to say goodbye and understand that loved ones never go away but simply transform. Also look inward and see if the separation is in you.

well.. I am not going to say a word.

 what do you guys think about this one?  
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This week's card is -

Mountain Lion - Mountain Lion's medicine is a difficult one. It is the medicine of leadership. If she has come into your life it is time to stand on your convictions and let them lead you where they may.You may need time to review your personal beliefs first. Is it time to have a pack of cubs or strike out on your own. It is also time to ask yourself it is time to shove your cubs out of the cave.
Responsibility is simply the ability to respond. Panic is not part of this. Stand firm. Tell the truth to others and yourself. Lead and let them decide whether to follow.

Hun. This is interesting. I have been thinking alot of my habit of letting others in my life set the pace of things. I wonder if it is time to review that policy. Dunno. Lots of "fall cleaning " going on lately.
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Todays card -

Dolphin (R) - If Dolphin swims in your cards today you need to stop and breath. Pay close attention to your stress levels and your health. You may be starving your cells despite the vitamins you maybe be taking. Another message from contrary Dolphin is listen to the rhythms of the Universe. Close your eyes, use your sonar, follow the patterns. Find somewhere quiet, take a deep breath and let yourself connect to the Universe once more.
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Today's Card -

Frog-(reversed) - If Frog has hopped into your cards today reversed you are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. Those circumstances you have chosen to accept may seem unappealing or difficult but may bring rich rewards in the end. The frog you must marry may well turn out to be a prince. Remember Frog bring Medicine and Medicine brings healing.

So..the bitter pill cures. I can live with that.

Animal Card

Aug. 6th, 2007 09:00 am
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Today's card is Elk

Elk is your cards today speaks to stamina. Elks can cover great distances by pacing themselves. If Elk is showing up he is telling you to pace yourself evenly and not let stress and the frantic pace of your life wear you down.  Keep an eye on your body, take care of it, pace yourself to stay healthy.
Elk also counsels you to seek the company of your own sex more often. Reconnecting with those of your own gender will help you to rediscover the warrior spirit within.

lol... so this means my life will be filled with stress in the near future? good to know. Well considering that PiCon and the Gem and Mineral Show is this coming week that is not surprising. I am already resigned to it being hectic and taking steps to reduce my stress. We shall see how this goes...
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Yesterdays Card -

Dog (Celtic , drawn reversed) - If Dog is appearing reversed to you today it is asking you to examine the faithfulness and loyalty of those around you. Also yours to them. How important are these qualities to you in your friends and lovers? Dog will try to help you nurture these things but remember that sometimes they can be inappropriate. A dog is often submissive to cruel masters.

Loyalty is one of the top traits I look for in someone. Not blind loyalty-I expect to hear about it if you think I am making a mistake. So I am going to ask you all - do you think I have been lacking in the loyalty department? or faithless? let me know.

(comments screened and feel free to post anonymously if you need to)
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Animal Card for today -

Wolf (celtic) - Wolf showing up in your life is bringing a strong sense of faithfulness, inner strength and intuition. Sometimes you need to go beyond what is "normal" behavior, take risks, cross barriers in order to learn and grow even though it may be painful or unpleasant. Take some time alone and come to know your deepest self. In these places you will find courage and spiritual companionship.

Hmm.. there are an awful lot of thoughts going through my head on this one. I will have to let them sit for an hour or so while we go hiking before I write them down. Let it suffice to say this one is more spot on than I thought it could be.
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Todays Animal Spirit Card -

Deer - If Deer has found its way into your life today you are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit to heal. Stop pushing people to change and accept them the way they are. This is the way to solve the dilemma you are facing. Be warm and caring. If you do this you will find the Sacred Mountain, your centering place.


"warm and gentle" is not my style. Sounds too much like coddling to me. But you don't know if you can do something until you try it. We shall see.
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Yesterday's Card -

 Frog- Frogs were considered Sacred because of their ability to live in both the water and on the land. This gives Frog sensitive skin. Given his connection with water Frog gives you the ability to heal, usually thru aural work or sound.
 Frog also asks you to refresh yourself at the Sacred Spring. Look for the beauty below the surface. Open yourself to the magic behind things. Life is more fun than you suppose. Open yourself to Frogs joy. Go to the Sacred Spring and be refreshed and renewed.

Good advice.

Animal Card

Jul. 4th, 2007 10:19 am
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Yesterday's Card-

Racoon - If Racoon has wandered into your cards today you are being asked to look around and see who needs your strength, time or energy. Who needs you to defend them or teach them to defend themselves. Racoon asks that you honor others are you honor yourself. Provide for your own needs so your well will not be dry when it comes time to help others. Remember to treat all as equal.

lol!  Look at my cynicism meter go through the roof. I have nothing to give. I am empty. Nor do I want to refill myself for people who take but do not give. Please hang up this card and try again.
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Yesterday morning I chose Bear (reversed)

When Bear appears to you reversed it is a clear warning not to be overwhelmed by the ferocious mother bear that lives in you. Don't let the beserker warrior take over. Temper your anger with compassion. Doing so will help you tap the strong reserve of power that Bear provides.

I am afraid this warning would have been better served a day early. ahh well.. I will not repeat my initial mistake.

Animal Card

May. 9th, 2007 09:52 am
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This weeks card -

Boar (R)- Pigs and boars have traditionally been associated with insanity. If Boar is traveling reversed in your cards today it is a message from the Terrible Mother. She is also the Initiator. Sometimes before you can create something new you need to tear something down. It is not unusual to go through a "breakdown" to leave room for something new.

Interesting. It is the second or third card this month that implies there is a breakdown coming my way. It is also another card pointing to a huge change in my life. I have to admit there are alot of things floating around in my head about things I would like to change. As some of you know I am a big fan of wiping the slate clean and starting over. This however feels more like something coming to me as opposed to me making it happen. We shall see...
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This weeks card is

 Cow (reversed) -   Bo reversed is calling upon you to examine the generosity of spirit. Are you limiting yourself because you believe your resources are limited? Out of fear? Are you holding yourself back from receiving the love and care of others?  Find your center so you can be open to love and care and give in return.

..... are you kidding ? why have these been so challenging lately? tell you what I will give exactly what I get and no more.. let's see how the universe likes that .....


Once again I will struggle with this.

Animal Card

Apr. 7th, 2007 03:34 pm
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I forgot at the begining of this week - This week I picked two cards. One for the week and one for my path.

My Animal Guide for this week

Deer- Deer reminds us to be gentle. To accept those we love as they are and not try to push them into being something they are not. Be gentle as the summer breeze.

( Well.. this would have been nice to have known earlier. This one is a little irritating. How much can one person bend before they break? Why does it always have to be ME that changes. Until I can really accept this one it will remain. )

For my path -

Blackbird - Blackbird asks us to heed the Inner Call. She sits between both words urging us to walk it.Go find your inner truths. Heed the song of your Soul.
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Forgot last weeks Animal guide

Lizard- Lizard in your read means pay attention to your dreams. Something will be speaking to you. Listen.
When I first pulled this card I forgot it's meaning. It took me about two days to look it up. (yes.. I am a little forgetful.) The night before I had a dream in which I went back to work at the Nursing Home. There were an awful lot of people working with me that came from different places/times in m life. We were rushing around, going like gangbusters to get things done.I was anxious and stressed and near tears. At the very end of the dream I went to speak with Barb my old boss. She looked me in the eye and with bright intensity she said "Let it go". THen I woke up.
Pretty clear message. Now all I need to do is apply it.

Clue by four applied Thank you.


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