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  This week's cards! Can you feel the excitement?
I am going to try to get this done with the kitten sitting on my hands. Wish me luck

First card

Cow (C)(R)- Examine the way in which you give to the world. If you think your resources are limited then you will be less likely to give. You can only give if you can receive. How easy is that for you?

Well that is on point. Right now I am feeling none of that.

and the  next

Swan (C)(R)- Come to terms with a separation. Remember that Swan tells us that its not a separation but a transformation so look into your heart and see what needs to be transformed.

I don't know. We shall see.        

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Well another week is in the books and man what a crazy week it was! More on that later but for now let's see what the cards have said to me today.

First card

Adder (C)(R)-Transform your power to hurt to a power that heals. Use your powers of silent, swift penetration to channel your energies to heal.

 Unspoken in this card - this will require a ton of patience. Wish me luck!

Second card

Salmon (C)(R) - Salmon moves upstream by going with, not fighting the currents. Relax and go with the flow. It may also be telling you that it's time to stop waiting for wisdom from others and tap into your own stream.

 Yeah- that. :P
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Long time no post. Despite not putting here what I pull there is still a weekly divination. I will try to be better about posting it. Helps me to look back.

After the rough waters of last week there will hopefully be better weeks ahead. My leg is slowly getting back to 100% but I am still taking it easy until I am sure. Don't want to permanently damage anything.

Anyway- on to the cards eh?

Hare (C)(R)- Hare coming in on it's head may be telling you that you are spending too much time with your head up your astral. Time to get a little balance back into your life. Wisdom comes from many source and common sense may be needed more than ever this week.

Considering how much mundane stuff I have to get done this week this does not surprise me. Focus is the byword of the day it seems

Dragonfly (NA)- Dragonfly is the element of change looking to blow through your life. You may need to look over the illusions you hold on to that restrict your life or examine habits that might need change. In any case, change is the order of the day.

Change is on the way no doubt. Let's see how much ok? :)

That is it for tonight kids. More later.
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It's divination weekend! Beltane! WooHoo! However it's also the beginning of a new week so there is the usual card reading to get thru.

First card - Is actually a set of cards. It's one of those weeks where things just need to let me know they are there

First card v. 1.1- Hawk (C)(R)- Looks like you are "not seeing the forest for the trees". Be careful not to get carried away with the justness of your cause to the injury of others. See the big picture.

v. 1.2- Salmon (NA)- Trust your inner knowing. Retrace your path to this point. See the opportunity in all situations both easy and difficult.

Hmmmmm.... bumpy road ahead this week I see. Have to keep on my toes. Can do.

Second card- Same as before, two cards tumbled into my lap. Message received.

v. 2.1- Dolphin (NA)(R)- Dolphin is here to remind you to breathe. Pay close attention to your body and stress levels. If you are on edge it's time to focus on releasing old breath all the way from the bottom of your lungs.

v. 2.2- Cat(C)(R)- This card reminds you not to become a lazy cat, indolent and self absorbed. It can be just another way to run away from the world, mired in sensuality. Ground yourself.

hhmmmm.. breathe and ground. got it?
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Woohoo! another post! 

Cards pulled and studied, I will post the cards below but the iChing later.

First card-

Wolf (C)- Wolf brings strong sense of inner strength and intuition, also learning. SOmetimes you need to go beyond the bounds of "normal" behavior in order to learn and grow. This may be painful but you need not fear the inner power and strength you feel when you spend time alone.

 Well I am getting used to being alone. So far so good.

Second card -

Horse (C)- Horse tells us it's time to journey. Whether it's in the physical world or an inner journey she wil bring energy to help on your travels. Become comfortable with every aspect of the life cycle and take joy in your time between the earth and the sun.

Sun? The Daystar eludes us. Seriously- hear that? pay attention

Ok kids, getting tired. Have a great night
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Well another week of fun and frustration has passed. There have been some low moments and some good ones too. Just like life is. Crazy how that works eh? Mercury is in retrograde and now Pluto is as well. With Scorpio being tied to Pluto there will be an awful lot of examination of my life in the next five months. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those times of chaos and life shifts. I also have a sinking feeling it starts this week...

and this is why-

First card

Blank (C)(NA)- I pulled the blank card from the Celtic deck first. Normally when this happens I pull an extra card for a little more clarification. My second card was one of the two blanks from the Native American deck. Well I may be a little slow but even I got this one. This week is up to the Universe. Just leave myself open to the experience. See? Adventure.

Second card
Dog (C)(NA) Examine the loyalty and faithfulness of you or those around you. If you find it difficult to make friends ask yourself how much of that is fear of faithlessness. Cu will help you develop the qualities of selflessness and trust that will nurture close relationships. Just keep in mind that sometimes that can go too far. A dog is sometimes too anxious to please even a cruel master.

Interesting. Selflessness again.

Should be an interesting week kids.
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Well, this will be my third attempt to get this down. Let's hope this time I do a little better than the last two.

What a crazy chaotic week it's been! The winds outside the window are winds of change I think. Let's see what progress will be made this week.

First card-

Air Dragon (C)(R)- Constant reality testing will be the word of the day. You are in danger of becoming servant to a dogma or an idea. A good grounding will help keep you from becoming too rigid in your thinking.

I am trying! Honest! I am unlearning at as fast a clip as I can without having it mean nothing.

Second card-

Raven (C)(R)- This card suggests you should become aware of the forces of destruction that exist in your life. Drawing this card means you may now be able to come to terms with your own destructiveness. It may mean coming to a resolution of the conflict of opposites.

Ha! That is all I am going to say about that.
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Whoa Nelly! What a difference a week makes. Things at work which I will speak of when I can were a bit of a shock to me this week, the flood of DOOM!(tm) , an awful lot of belly work on my path and where it is taking me and where I would like it to.
 Last week I took Adder's advice and tried to heal instead of hurt. I cannot say it worked 100% but it's a start.

Hopefully this week's cards will be just as helpful eh? 

First card

Mountain Lion- (NA) In assuming the place of leadership Mountain Lion offers you must constantly be aware of keeping the peace. It is time to stand on your own convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. It's time to examine your personal beliefs and the purpose behind them. Do your plans include cubs? Do you have cubs already? Maybe it's time to push them out of the cave. Mountain Lion calls you to lead. Examine your heart and take your place in the pride.

  *sigh* maybe. This is the week to take steps in a direction no matter where it takes me. This I had decided.

Second card

Squirrel- (NA) Squirrel is appearing to you today to tell you it's time to get ready for change. Take a look around and unburden yourself of the things that do not serve you. These can be thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses or gadgets that have been broken for years. Find a safe place to put what you have gathered. This safe place is an untroubled heart and mind.

  oooohhh... I think I get this. Hopefully I am right.

Animal Card

Jan. 9th, 2011 02:39 pm
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Well I haven't been here much lately I know (more on why in a bit) but something don't change so here are my cards for the week. :) 

First card -

Raven (C)(R)- Raven reminds us that there is no light without darkness. It is time to come to terms with your own destructiveness- a rage that has perhaps been buried for years. It may also mean we can come to the resolution of opposites, experiencing the idea that there is darkness in light and light in darkness.

 oh damn.. many times I am not sure what my cards are trying to tell me but in this case I know 100 % what they are telling me. How the hell I solve this dark rage I do not know but it looks like this is the week to do it. I have been thinking about this all weekend so it's like someone read my mind. ooooohhhh....

and the Second

Cow (C)(R)- How freely are you giving of yourself? If you feel anxious then you are less likely to give or receive that which others offer. Now is the time to examine why you think your resources are limited and remember those that give also receive.

  Yeah! so there :P  actually this is neither a shock nor surprising. Something for someone to work on.

Last week I started this whole find my roots thing as Salmon indicated I should. The things I am learning are pretty nifty actually. The hardest part is wedding the me of my genetics with the me of my soul. That will be an ongoing process it seems.

Ok, time to add to the stew.

Animal Card

Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:06 pm
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 First reading of the new year! Such a beautiful day. Perhaps it's just the general mood but things feel way more....optimistic today than they have in a long time. There are things afoot at work and while I am doing my best not to go digging for secrets it is not easy. So very not easy.

  First Card - 

Salmon (C)-Journey to the beginning, to the place of our birth is the message of Salmon. Maintain an attitude of openness and innocence and seek your beginnings whether that is your childhood or even further back to beyond your beginning in this life. Here you will find wisdom. timely. 

Second card- there were two of them so I present both. These things do happen. 

Bee (C)- Bee is reminding us to take time to celebrate! This is a good week to raise a toast to something. Bee is here to connect us to our community and the Goddess. Celebrate! 

 Butterfly (NA)- Butterfly asks you to check where you are in this transformation. Once you figure out how far into the transformation you are you can then look to see what message Butterfly is sending you to help you progress to the next stage. 

  So much food for thought. I hope there is some hard, deep thinking going on there.

ok, off to clean breakfast up.  
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So much going on! For the moment though let's just do this one regular thing then maybe we will go over other things.

First card -

Deer (NA)(R) If reversed Deer has found its way into your cards today it is asking you to love yourself so you can face your fears. You may be so deep you do not realize that you are projecting your fears onto others instead of facing them. Unconditional love is no strings attached that means for yourself too.

 How much longer do i have to love myself. I am actually feeling pretty good about me right now. shhhhh

Second card-

Bee (C)(R)- You are feeling unsure and out of place in your world. If you find you are lacking motivation it may be that you need Bee medicine. You may need to prod yourself into action before others do the prodding for you. SPend some time thinking about your role in life and then make decisions in accordance with your sense of purpose and the resulting goals. Celebrate life and our place in it.

Well duh, how many times have i said this? ;) 
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Wow, what a day of stuff and things in my head. I feel like Lt. Barclay when the Cytherians hijacked his brain. More on that later but for now there are divinations afoot! afoot I say....

First card

Air Dragon (C)- Like a bolt of lightening Air Dragon brings insight and clarity. Be careful though that you are not overwhelmed. Inspiration is the gift of this Dragon. He is also sometimes the messenger of the Gods so be watchful!

Oh tasty tasty irony! I have spent this morning all over the tubes due to a dream I had last night. More on that in another post.

Second card
Hawk (NA)(R)- Hawk contrary asks us not to let our own thoughts and emotions color the messages we receive for others. Honor the Great Spirit within and do not assume that because someone doesn't think, feel or react as you do that makes them lesser than you.
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More on last week later for now -

Porcupine (NA)(R)- Why aren't you willing to trust again? What innocence have you lost that is keeping you from joy in life? Are you willing to trust yourself? These are the questions you need to answer. Porcupine is telling you it's time to let yourself be vulnerable a bit. The rewards are worth it.

 sigh.. Not going to happen. The two people in my life I do not trust have earned it.

and the other thing -

Beaver (NA)(R) - Beaver here is letting you know to open new doors of opportunity and stay aware. This is a warning apathy may sneak up on you so stay alert! Visualize the goal you wish to accomplish and be willing to work with others to achieve that end.

Also just a reminder - Mercury goes retrograde on September 7th so heads up kids!
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My animal card for this week --

Sow (C)- KNow that life continually renews itself and you are never disconnected from it. In choosing this card you are being called upon to open yourself to the abundance that exists throughout nature. Be generous and feel the love of the Goddess for all her creatures. Allow yourself to feast on life - to enjoy all its beauties and sensual abundance.

and the other -

 Water Dragon (C)(R) - It is better to exlplore our psyche slowly. Do not let your emotions rule you in a way you will later regret. It is better to work fractionally , little by little to integrate unconcious material into the whole.

I actually have no words for these cards a the moment. It's hard to see how I am going to enjoy the sensual delights of life this week but I will keep myself open for it.

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My card for this week -

Dog (C)(R) - This card asks you to examine the degree to which you or those around you may be lacking in faithfulness and loyalty. Ask yourself to what extent you value this and to what extent your friends and lovers express these values. But remember that sometimes loyalty and faithfulness can be inappropriate - a dog is often anxious to please even a cruel owner.

I also had a second card fall into my lap (literally)

Armadillo (NA)(R) - Ypu may think the only way to win is to hide but this is not true. Pretending you are armor coated and invincible is not the way to grow. It is better to open up and find the value and strength of your vulerability. You will experience something wonderful if you do.

Interesting. IT should be an interesting week.
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This week's card -

Swan (C)- Swan brings us the qualities of the soul. Love, grace and beauty. Swan is also the bird associated with thresholds You will receive messages or inspriation from the Otherworld, as the swan's feathers were used to make a bard's ceremonial cloak, so pay attention. It can also indicate that love will be entering your life so be ready.

hmmm.... interesting
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Two cards this am - the one I chose and the one that fell in my lap.

First one -

Otter (Celtic) - Otter is here to remind you that all work and no play makes Lisa a dull girl. Otter reminds you that taking some time to rest, relax, play and refresh yourself is a key part of staying productive. Take a day and rest.

and the one that chose me -

Prairie Dog (NA) -  If Prairie Dog has tunneled into your cards today its time to retreat for a little much needed R&R. Your resserves are runnung low and it is time to rest before sickness forces you to. Take a step back, rest and come at things from a new perspective. Sometimes the best move is the one away.

hmmm..... I wonder what they are trying to say :P
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Waited until today to pull a card as I wanted to clean my altar after the New Moon.

Dog (C) - Dog is here as a loyal companion. He offers guidance and protection on your journey. He is Guardian of the Mysteries and as such can be a fierce protector. You may need to act with the spirit of Dog and protect that which you hold sacred. Faithfulness, trust and loyalty are vital ingredients of close relationships and the time may have come for you to focus on these qualities. To appreciate them in others and develop them in yourself.

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So this morning at the end of my meditation I did a quick card read for the beginning of the year.

Here it is -

East-House of Thought - Sow (C)(R) - Sow is coming up reverse in your cards to remind you that you need to revise your image of yourself. Without wisdom beauty is worthless.

South- House of Passion/Relationships - Wren(C)- Tells us that "small is beautiful".That self realization lies in humility, gentleness and subtlety.

West - House of Emotions - Air Dragon(C)- This is a bolt of lightening to the psyche. He is a messenger of the Gods. Pay attention to your dreams and thoughts.

North- House of Goods/"Real World" - Owl (NA) - Owl is asking you to use keen insight to look into a life situation. She can bring you messages in the night in dreams. Pay attention to signals and omens.

Center - House of Spirit- Whale(NA)- Find those who sing the songs in our DNA and let them sing for you. Open that shared memory and express you. If you do this the totems will open themselves up to you and thru you. They will speak to you.

After doing this J and I headed out to attempt to bring him home and had an encounter. We were out on the road by ourselves, the snow swirling, creating a grey curtain around us. In the road there was an object that first looked like a stone or a lump of ice but when we got closer it turned out to be a hawk. We stopped and the hawk just sat there on its kill looking at us thru that grey silence. All of a sudden it took off with its prey.Suddenly the pigeon it had caught wriggled free of the hawks claws and took off with the hawk in swift pursuit.
I cannot shake the feeling that this is one of those signs my cards asked me to look for so I am asking you wise beings to help me try and figure it out. I am going to screen comments and let them be anonymous so you can be 100% honest with me.

Thanks guys
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Today's card is

Ram (Celtic) - Ram brings with it achievement. He brings a breakthrough. Attached to it's birthplace Ram brings rootedness,stability and connection. He will bring you strength needed to succeed while helping you not loose your head. By being patient and attending to your daily needs as well as your future you will find the day comes where your achieve your breakthrough - accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

hun... we shall see.


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