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Hey kids! Enjoying this lovely late summer day? Me too.

I am trying to get better at writing here again. Turns out the less time I spend online the less time I want to spend here. I am trying to hand-write every day which has become more satisfying in an odd way. anywwy- on to stuff with things !!

This week's cards

First card

Alligator (NA)- Gator is here to tell you to slow down and examine what is going on around you. Time to stop and not rush into a rash decision. Have you been rushing through things without digesting them fully? Now is the time to slow yourself down.

 hun....well doesn't that just parallel something I was talking to the boy about yesteday during the long wait. Good to know.

Second card

AIr Dragon (C)- AIr Dragon brings insight and clarity like a sudden bolt of lightning. Air Dragon not only delivers inspiration but is the messenger of the Gods so look for something to come at you out of the blue this week.

 Phew! Glad that one goes to the boy. Although this does not surprise me in the least. Getting clarity of thought this week should be exactly what happens for him. :)

Ok, back to booing the Cowboys and kicking cats off my table.
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Omg... both time to post and the ability to do so?? What is going on here?

Back on track kids

First card -

Blank- Not too much of a surprise as there is a lot going on in my head. Mercury goes retro on the 3rd which leaves things a bit more swirly than usual. However I had another card fall into my lap so we take them both. When I pull this card to me it always means - up to you with no help from me. Gee I love that ...

Jaguar (NA)-INTEGRITY is the message Jaguar brings. Stay humble and true to your word. You have been doing your persona best and now is not the time to falter in that resolve. Remember though to allow for mistakes, embrace forgiveness and practice self forgiveness. This allows your spirit to rebalance.

 so.... keep it up and stop beating yourself up for mistakes? So easy to say, so hard to do.

Second card-

Bear (C)(NA)-Take care not to be overwhelmed with anger and a ferocious spirit. Compassion is necessary for a spirit to thrive.

Oh good luck with that. Travel does not always bring out the best in us.

It should be an interesting week for sure.
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Holy goodness gracious! This past week has been filled with way too much activity. Between work and work and work. This week seemed just packed with too much stuff and not enough time. Hopefully this week will be filled with a few more domestic pursuits. FOr the moment there are cards to be read.

First card

Deer (NA)- Deer is calling for you to find the gentleness of spirit that heals. Stop pushing for others to change and love them as they are. Becomes warm and caring. This is how to solve your present dilemma.

I am in a dilemma? drat. Despite my not posting, this is the second week my cards have suggested I heal others. I will try.

second card

Wolf (NA(R)- Wolf here is asking you to expand your knowledge of the present situation. This entails courage to look at things from a different perspective. To live is to grow, to expand sometimes means coming to dead ends. Look for teachers for they are everywhere.

I am interested to see how this one plays out.
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Why good evening LJians! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Summer is unofficially heralded by some semi lovely weather. More on my weekend another time, for now let's get these cards down.

First card-

Cow(C)(R)- Bo in this position may be telling you to examine the ways in which you give to the world. You can only give if you can receive and if you believe your resources are limited you will be more anxious about giving from your heart. How easy is it for you to receive the love of others?

interesting. My iChing backs this up in interesting ways.

the other cards

Wren(C)(R)- Does your humility and gentleness render you invisible to others? Are they your way of defending yourself from life and others?
Prarie DOg (NA()R)- The worry bug has come to bite you. Constant stress can rob you of your inability to think on your feet and be inspired. Don't believe that retreat and regrouping is a sign of weakness. Do not be afraid to take a break and refill your resources.


ok, bedtime!
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Sorry I have not been around more kids but between work and a low-level ick which completely took over my brain this morning it's been all I can do some time to just function. In an interesting out of left field moment my boss and I had a discussion about my flunkie and how I have been enabling her by not letting her do more of my job and fail if need be. Guess last week's cards were spot on in a way that totally took me by surprise. Well let's see what I have in store this week. :)

First card

Adder (C)(R) Abandon he ability to wound and replace it with the power to heal. Use the power of the adder to channel that transformative power into the power to heal. Learn how to love and channel the currents of our bodies.

where the hell was this last night? sigh...

Second card

Earth Dragon (C)(R) You may be relating inappropriately to your inner reserves and potential. Be careful with the guardian of your soul. Do not try to kill him or wrest the treasure from him. A precipitous attempt to capitalize on your talents may be unwise.

interesting... not sure what to make of that one.

Hopefully this week will be less chaotic and more filled with healthy goodness. I also hope everyone else does as well.
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Owwwww..... This week has been one of fighting off a low level ick. A few days of headaches and general down time made getting through the week extra special hard but not impossibly so. However, there were some good decisions made this week with help from some very very smart people. Let's see what the coming week has in store :)

First card -

Armadillo (NA)- It's time to ask yourself why you have become a "yes" person. Define your boundaries. Ask yourself why you continue to fall back in to that pattern. Reclaim your space.

What???? Me????  *sigh* yes .. I will have to keep an eye out for this one.

Second card -

Hawk (C)- Take a little time out to free yourself of your baggage and put your life in perspective. Knowing where you have come from sets you free to fly where you need. When you sense your roots and the breadth of your life, you will start to have a sense of pride. Then you will be able to make decisions with confidence.

What is this without baggage you speak of? Good luck :) 
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  Well after last week's little adventure I certainly hope this week is a little calmer. Not sure what to think about this week's cards. Shall we see? 

First card -

Raccoon (NA)- If Raccoon has bounded into your cards today it's time to think about who needs your strength. Stand up for someone who is being gossiped about, help someone in need. However remember that to help you must ensure they can stand on their own two feet. Enabling someone does not honor their spirit.
(what ? who? me? I enable???  sigh... yes..looks like I have my work cut out for me. )

and a second card which fell into my lap-

Seal (C)- Heed the sire call of the Unknown. Let it bring you transformation, love and healing. We fear that call from our beginnings, from our brother and sisters from the animal realm who are closer to the Source than we can imagine. Do not let your intellect imprison your heart. Head the call.

(ok...another reference to the Source and transformation.. i sense long range plans here) 

and the card for the other thing

Otter (C)(R)- Stop trying to go against the flow. Some times you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Let go and trust that life, for now, has ou on the right track. Otter urges you to play but reminds you that all play and no work is an avoidance of life.

hmmm... this is a control freak's worse nightmare
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    Taking a break from cleaning and paperwork to stop by and write this down. Last week was a little bumpy but overall a good one. Slowly things are working themselves out to where they need to be it seems. :)

First card -

Salmon- (C) Salmon speaks of a time to return to our beginnings - to childhood or beyond that. She offers us wisdom and inspiration. You must maintain an attitude of openness and innocence to find these things.

I am curious to see how this works out. So many options here. This journey should be fun.

And the second one -

Eagle- (C)(R)-Pay attention to your dreams. Your heart and mind need to be in balance to guard against the overpowering intellect. Listen to your unconscious without denying your rational mind.

 Good idea.

It should be an interesting week. I am looking forward to it.

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  Right smack dab in the middle of winter we are with Imolc just a week and some away. The cold make everything twice as hard to do yet life moves on. What will this chilly week bring? 

First card -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is the smith's bird and his song may be calling you to work at the forge of your heart. All four elements are used in metal-working (and glass making btw) and to have a healthy and balanced life you must work with these four elements integrating our minds, hearts, instinct and intuition. Use all four to create a life of passion and purpose.

  Well this does dovetail with some thoughts that I have been throwing around in my head lately. Curse you for reading my mind.

and the second

Frog (C)- Don't judge a book by it's cover! There is hidden beauty in the world and a hidden power in nature. Open yourself up to both. Look behind appearances to find joy.

 Interesting. Not sure how this will play out.

Last week did reveal a few secrets which as a Scorpio and well, grown up I can't reveal. Let's just say one may be helpful and one is just damn juicy. the one that came to me unbidden in a dream will need play out over time.
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 Oh hi everyone! 

Sorry it's been so long since I was here but life as usual gets in the way. Last week was rough emotionally and much of it was spent simply trying to keep my head above water but I did take the bull by the horns so to speak and I think this week will be a little better. In any case let's get on with this week's cards shall we> 

First card-

Lynx (NA)- Lynx in your cards is the harbinger of secrets.Not the keeping but the revealing. Keep an eye out both inner and outer and let the Universe speak it's secrets to you. Now is the time to be silent and listen for them.

lol.. oh dear. Lesson learned and I am here with all ears open.

Second card-

Cow (C)(R)- How freely are you giving of yourself? If you feel anxious then you are less likely to give or receive that which others offer. Now is the time to examine why you think your resources are limited and remember those that give also receive.

umm. guess this one needs a little more learnin'

Ok kids, last week Raven did peck at me a bit. Dark wings, dark thoughts but slowly, each time it happens I learn new skills to cope. I figure in 50 years or so I might be equipped to deal with things. ;) 
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Busy week and yet next week will be busier. Working a little OT to try and catch up on some bills. Here is what my cards tell me for this first week of Mercury going retro-

First card

Hind (C)- HInd calls us from the Otherworld and invites us to look beyond effects to the causes. Poised in the light Eilid invites us to begin our exploration of the spiritual dimensions of life. Open to the qualities of the Hind- subtlety, grace and femininity will enable you to achieve a greter degree of sophistication and elegance in the best possible sense of the terms.

and the Second one-

Frog (C)- Frog unites the elements of water and earth, bringing joy, delight and healing to you. Considered magical by shaman Frog brings healing. It is here to remind you that there is hidden beauty and power in all of nature if you just open yourself to it and look.

Interesting. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out. :)

Animal Card

Dec. 5th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Well aren't I a chatty gal tonight? I know.. so what... make with the cards. ;) 

First one

Hare (C)- Rebirth and Intuition are the benefits of Hare. She will bring the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance and willing to release us as each creative cycle comes to and end. With Hare as an ally you will be able to negotiate times of change and draw on your intuition to guide you.

  Goddess I hope so.

And the next -

Bat(NA)- IfBat has appeared in your cards today it symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of a life that no longer suits your new growth pattern. This can mean a time of letting go of old habits and of assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth. In every case the Bat signals the death of something old and a rebirth. If you resist it can be long and drwn out. The universe is asking you to grow- to do so you must die the shaman's death.

Wow.. Dude..


Well it looks like the Universe is pushing us along.
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A day early today but feels like it should be here .

    First card -

Black Panther- (NA)- Let go of fears that appear as obstacles and simply BE. Leap empty handed into the void with perfect trust. Now is the time to stop worrying about what might be and live in the moment.

How do these cards know when I am obsessing about the future?!?!? damn...

and the other-

Crane (C)- Crane will help you cultivate the ability to be patient and focused. Ask Crane for help with these two qualities.

Short I know but interesting. Especially coupled with a card I pulled which is telling me not to avoid a situation I have been avoiding. Honestly? I don't know if I can confront it head on. It's not in my nature.

*sigh* for this week I will just go with the flow and hope for the best. I think I know how to make Tab A fit into Slot B. Go insight!
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Another beautiful late autumn day here at the roost. Time to see what the Universe has in mind for this week-

 First card

Black Panther (NA)-Do not worry about the future. Let your fears go and simply BE. It may be time to take that leap with implicit trust. Trust that you are not suppose to mentally "figure it out" at this time. Go deep into the stillness of the void, find the will to avoid foolish interruptions, going deeper into your own self discovery.

 *sigh* really? more belly work? This seriously feels way too self indulgent. However go with the flow I will. Learn the force must I.

and the second one

Eagle(C)(R)- You may need to guard against an overpowering intellect. When we deny our mind access to our heart, our lives can become sterile. You may want to pay attention to your dreams.Listen to your unconscious, without denying your rational mind.


Animal Card

Nov. 7th, 2010 11:29 am
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Hey ho kids, another day on the farm. Let's see what the future holds shall we?

Turtle (NA) - "Slow and steady wins the race" are the watch words of Turtle. She asks you to honor the creativity within, be grounded to the earth and observe your situation with motherly compassion. Learning to ground will help you overcome your "space cadet tendencies and place focus on your thoughts, slowing to a pace that ensures completion. Everything in it's time.

*blink* *blink* what? i am totally a grounded person. honest. Why are you all laughing?

Frog (C)(R)- Joy, healing, delight are the gifts of Frog. Learn to listen with all your sense and you will see the beauty behind the facade. Frog is here to teach you that nothing is as it appears to be. You need to learn to look past the surface of things to see the hidden beauty within all of us.

This one is will not be as easy as it seems
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Out for Samhain in a bit and a reading for the next six week later this evening but for now it's time for the weekly bits

First card

Stag(C)- Grace, majesty and integrity are the qualities Stag brings to you with this card. If you are confronted with a situation in which you feel under scrutiny calling on Stag will help you feel stronger, calmer. This is also an auspicious card to draw when beginning new projects.


Second card

Snake (NA)- Snake is here to help you shed your skin and transform. Now is the time to shed your old skin and become something new and more you. Snake gives the power of transformation, that creative spark, of energy. Look for a burst of creative power now.

I hope so.

Ok kids, off to the sunwheel see you later.
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Just a quick one today kids. Pinky and I are headed out to the market for some fleas. :)

Owl (C)- Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. If you feel drawn to a study of esoteric lore or clarivoyancy Owl is here to help you. Twilight is Owl time so going for walks at this time is an excellent way to sharpen these senses.

hmmm... this does dovetail nicely with something I am working on. WoW.

Raven (NA)- Raven is the messenger of the Gods. Magic is in the air. Do not explain it away. The moment will depend on whether or not you can recognize the moment and use it to enhance your growth by accepting the gift without trying to figure it out.

LOL! for once I am not the one with the challenge to my nature. This should be an interesting week all the way around.
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Cards for this week! How exciting is this? :P

Raccoon (NA)- If the little bandit has wandered into your cards this week he is telling you to look around and see who needs your strength at this time. Maybe it's time to share the bounty of your time, energy or possessions. It may be time to step up in defense of another but remember to help those in need develop their own protector skills. Honor yourself and others equally.

Interesting. Protect is easy but helping someone develop their own skills implies they are willing to learn. Wish me luck with that one.

Blackbird (C)- Blackbird is calling you to create a life's passion To create a healthy, balanced life you must work with the power of the four elements integrating our minds, hearts, instinct and intuition.

Yes please! :)
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Well goodness. Here we are at the beginning of another week. Oh Universe what do you have for me ?

First card

Air Dragon(C) - Air Dragon brings sudden flashes of insight so be prepared as they can sometimes be overwhelming. It brings power, vitality and inspiration he can be seen as a symbol of visitation for he is a messenger of the Sky God.

For the other I have two cards.

Crow (NA)(R)- Thinking of being an outlaw? Just remember that the guy who starts the barroom brawl is usually the one with two black eyes. If starting something isn't in your plans then maybe Crow is just there to say you are cheating a little on something. If you are lying to yourself, you have lost the power of Crow.

Coyote (NA)(R)- Be prepared for everything you touch to backfire when Coyote walks backwards into your life. Watch out for the scam artists and liars!

Gee I hate to say this but it's just so weird to see those two cards together. Duck and cover!
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 Halfway through the month already! Where in the world did the time go? Apples and pumpkins and Big EEEEEEEEEE! just around the corner. But before we go wishing the time away let's deal with this week shall we? 

First card-

Porcupine(NA)- Porcupine is a gentle reminder to not get caught in the chaos of the adult world. This card is a relief from seriousness and severity. Open your heart to the things that gave you joy as a child. Honor the playful spirit that lets everyone win.
and the one that fell into my lap

Frog (C)(R)- You are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. Remember that the frog you must marry may well turn out to be a prince. Frog bring medicine and medicine bring healing. The circumstances you have chosen to accept - while difficult- may well bring you rich rewards in the end.

and the other one

Turtle (NA)- Turtle reminds you to make sure your ideas are developed before bringing them into the light. Slow and steady wins the race. Turtle is your connection to Mother Earth and some grounding may be in order at this time. It does not matter what situation you have created, turtle says ask for Her assistance and abundance will follow.

Well last week Bear was in the back of my head but I was able to keep the anger under control. Hopefully this week will be another such lesson.


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