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Hey kids! Enjoying this lovely late summer day? Me too.

I am trying to get better at writing here again. Turns out the less time I spend online the less time I want to spend here. I am trying to hand-write every day which has become more satisfying in an odd way. anywwy- on to stuff with things !!

This week's cards

First card

Alligator (NA)- Gator is here to tell you to slow down and examine what is going on around you. Time to stop and not rush into a rash decision. Have you been rushing through things without digesting them fully? Now is the time to slow yourself down.

 hun....well doesn't that just parallel something I was talking to the boy about yesteday during the long wait. Good to know.

Second card

AIr Dragon (C)- AIr Dragon brings insight and clarity like a sudden bolt of lightning. Air Dragon not only delivers inspiration but is the messenger of the Gods so look for something to come at you out of the blue this week.

 Phew! Glad that one goes to the boy. Although this does not surprise me in the least. Getting clarity of thought this week should be exactly what happens for him. :)

Ok, back to booing the Cowboys and kicking cats off my table.
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Another week is upon us. The cycle continues.

Alligator (NA)-Have you been rushing headlong through life and not taking the time to count your victories or digest your Rites of Passage? It is time to stop and integrate your progress. Remember that quick fix solutions do not support long term goals. Try not to fall into the human judgement game. Take another, deeper look.

(this is my card and lol.. more patience and advice to take my time. It's ok. I can take a hint) 

and the next

Dog(C)(R) - Dog asks you to examine your loyalty in relationship to those around you. If you find it difficult to keep friendships examine the extent to which these qualities are expressed in yourself to help you develop trust and selflessness for others.

(this one is not for me and I will *not* say what I think here because my filters are in the way)

and the last one

Stag (C)- Stag is here to signify an auspicious start to a new project. If you are somewhere public it can be called upon for dignity. It is also here to help you find your independence. Stand tall and proud and grace, dignity and power can be yours.

(also not for me but I certainly hope this is accurate. It makes me smile)


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