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Hey kids! Enjoying this lovely late summer day? Me too.

I am trying to get better at writing here again. Turns out the less time I spend online the less time I want to spend here. I am trying to hand-write every day which has become more satisfying in an odd way. anywwy- on to stuff with things !!

This week's cards

First card

Alligator (NA)- Gator is here to tell you to slow down and examine what is going on around you. Time to stop and not rush into a rash decision. Have you been rushing through things without digesting them fully? Now is the time to slow yourself down.

 hun....well doesn't that just parallel something I was talking to the boy about yesteday during the long wait. Good to know.

Second card

AIr Dragon (C)- AIr Dragon brings insight and clarity like a sudden bolt of lightning. Air Dragon not only delivers inspiration but is the messenger of the Gods so look for something to come at you out of the blue this week.

 Phew! Glad that one goes to the boy. Although this does not surprise me in the least. Getting clarity of thought this week should be exactly what happens for him. :)

Ok, back to booing the Cowboys and kicking cats off my table.
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I was going to post more tonight but now that I am sitting finally I find my energy and my thoughts are completely gone the way of the dodo. So instead here is my Lughnasad reading.

East - Goose (C)(R) Stop hissing at your perceived territory. You need to come to terms with the idea that being well fed, well rested and well exercised keeps the Goose laying golden eggs.

South - Cat (C) Observe without judgement. Working towards wholeness involves enhancing your appreciation of both the physical and non-physical worlds

West - Air Dragon (C)(R)You may in danger of becoming slave to an idea or dogma. Avoid delusions by reality testing in the every day world.

North - Antelope (NA) Antelope is here to tell you the time is now. The power is in you. Follow Antelope and he will speak to you of proper action to get things accomplished.

Center - Dolphin (NA)You are being called on to pay attention to the rhythms of nature, your body and patterns of energy between the two. Break existing barriers and connect to the Great Spirit.

Well it looks like it will be interesting these next six weeks. August is never a good time for me but you take what comes eh?
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Well, this will be my third attempt to get this down. Let's hope this time I do a little better than the last two.

What a crazy chaotic week it's been! The winds outside the window are winds of change I think. Let's see what progress will be made this week.

First card-

Air Dragon (C)(R)- Constant reality testing will be the word of the day. You are in danger of becoming servant to a dogma or an idea. A good grounding will help keep you from becoming too rigid in your thinking.

I am trying! Honest! I am unlearning at as fast a clip as I can without having it mean nothing.

Second card-

Raven (C)(R)- This card suggests you should become aware of the forces of destruction that exist in your life. Drawing this card means you may now be able to come to terms with your own destructiveness. It may mean coming to a resolution of the conflict of opposites.

Ha! That is all I am going to say about that.
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Wow, what a day of stuff and things in my head. I feel like Lt. Barclay when the Cytherians hijacked his brain. More on that later but for now there are divinations afoot! afoot I say....

First card

Air Dragon (C)- Like a bolt of lightening Air Dragon brings insight and clarity. Be careful though that you are not overwhelmed. Inspiration is the gift of this Dragon. He is also sometimes the messenger of the Gods so be watchful!

Oh tasty tasty irony! I have spent this morning all over the tubes due to a dream I had last night. More on that in another post.

Second card
Hawk (NA)(R)- Hawk contrary asks us not to let our own thoughts and emotions color the messages we receive for others. Honor the Great Spirit within and do not assume that because someone doesn't think, feel or react as you do that makes them lesser than you.
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Well goodness. Here we are at the beginning of another week. Oh Universe what do you have for me ?

First card

Air Dragon(C) - Air Dragon brings sudden flashes of insight so be prepared as they can sometimes be overwhelming. It brings power, vitality and inspiration he can be seen as a symbol of visitation for he is a messenger of the Sky God.

For the other I have two cards.

Crow (NA)(R)- Thinking of being an outlaw? Just remember that the guy who starts the barroom brawl is usually the one with two black eyes. If starting something isn't in your plans then maybe Crow is just there to say you are cheating a little on something. If you are lying to yourself, you have lost the power of Crow.

Coyote (NA)(R)- Be prepared for everything you touch to backfire when Coyote walks backwards into your life. Watch out for the scam artists and liars!

Gee I hate to say this but it's just so weird to see those two cards together. Duck and cover!
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Cards for this week-

  Air Dragon (C)- A bolt of lightening to the psyche, AIr Dragon is the messenger of the Sky God. He will bring insight and clarity with sudden flashes of illumination. Also keep an eye out for visitations.

 *blink* Do I really need the subtle stick this much. good lord.

Next -

 Wolf(NA)(R) -Expand your limited view of the present situation. It will take a great deal of courage to look at new ideas but only through growth can we learn. Stagnation has bogged down the flow of change in your life.

and the last -

Grouse (NA)- Pay attention to how you move through your world. Are you in sync with the world around you? Now is a time to look in yourself and see how you interact, not only with the outside world but the inner too.
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Woo! New week! New cards! alright *does a little dance*

 My card -

    Raven (C)(R)-Become aware of the forces of destruction in your life. Embrace that to create there must be destruction. Our lives must go thru this process for us to grow. Try and remember that our fear is usually worse than what we find during this process.

  *sigh* ok. Well this does not bode well for the coming week does it? 

the other one -

   Air Dragon (C)-

   Constant reality testing of the real world is necessary to keep from becoming the servant of an idea or dogma. Contact with spiritual energies can help.

and the last one was a dual card. I take 'em as they fall kids.

Ottter (C)-Do something purely for fun. You may not think you have the time but make time. Go with the flow. Allow joy to move thru you.

Armadillo (NA) -ask yourself the following questions -
     -Am I honoring the time I need for personal enjoyment? 
     - Do others treat me like a doormat?
     - Why do I get upset when I am taken for granted? 
     - Is there a reason for my being a yes person? 
How you react to these boundaries has to do with your being objective. Now is the time to think about your boundaries and how you react to them.

Animal Card

Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:57 am
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 My card this week -

Air Dragon (C)(R)- This may indicate you are in danger o becoming the servant of an idea or dogma. Constant reality testing in the everyday world of relationships and practicalities is essential.

funny... and here I am thinking that my failure at both of those things means I have tested them to death.
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 My card for this week is -

 AIr Dragon (C) (R) -  Coming to you reversed this card is warning you that you may be in danger of becoming slave to an idea, dogma or belief system. To avoid this constant reality testing in the real world is essential this week.

*ahem*.. do you really believe that?

I guess  this is not the week to be carried away by cause.


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