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Welcome back oh LJ patrons. I hope your day went well. Things here in Sylvari land are coming along pretty swell. However I can feel myself coming down from yesterday’s up. My brain has slowed to a normal pace and I am a little tired around the edges. Luckily we have the magic bean that banishes tired to the outer edges of the forest.

Today’s todo list consists of going for a walk, doing the dishes and cleaning out the fridge. Even though I am sure I won’t get that far taking out one more bag of basement trash is on the maybe list. So far so good. The todo list is only two days old but instead of looking behind or ahead I am simply going to look at today. We are going to take the ADD kids approach.

However this has not prevented my brain from sending me on a fantastical tangent of contemplating learning to be a storyteller. It certainly is an interesting idea. Defintely appeals to my myth loving side. Part of me says yes and part of me sees people like Seelyfae who is a wonderful story teller and I think I can never be that good. Might give it a go anyway. I can see the tie in between both a Bardic and Druid path this way. The idea came out of the blue yesterday so it’s either a nudge or my crazy. Worth pursuing though.

My mother in law thinks I am scattered. What she actually said was that my weakness is “too many pots on the fire” and she is correct. Sometimes I feel like a kid who is starving for candy. I keep trying to shove new things in my brain but there is no tasting them that way. It feels like I don’t have enough time to know all the things I need to or want to know. I will try to slow down and focus. After all we wouldn’t want my brain to get a tummy ache.

We are losing our newest stray as she is moving back in with her boyfriend. Hopefully they can make it work. She is too sweet and good a kid not to have a happy life.

Ok, I am only going to admit this once but don’t tell anyone. I kind of want a puppy. I know! I know! There are TONS of reason why we don’t need one. I can think of eight of them right this minute and then I see this-  and all those good intentions go right out the door. We do not need a dog. Right?

New day! Same old post. I didn’t get to the whole todo list yesterday but I can clean the fridge today. Not a big deal. today’s todo is dishes, fridge and a ton of paperwork.

I am here at work by myself which means not only is it busier than normal but I can listen to some of my cd’s. Among them are a bunch of cds Mike made me back in the day. One of them, Athena is all women artists of the thinkey kind with songs that he chose that he said made him think of me. It struck me as I was listening to it how very angry a person I was then. the difference between then and the Mikes and now and the Pinky is surprising.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned lately how adorable he is with his growing fuzziness? Oh and watching he and his dad chop down trees this weekend was kinda hot. All that muscles and sweating stuff. *swoon*

My goodness it feels like this day will never end. Usually I float through the day not even aware of how quickly time is passing but for some reason beign stuck in the lunchroom for the better part of the day has made time creep by ever so slowly.

One of the guys asked me today if there was a word beyond awesome and I said well there is “whoosy”. Now I know whoosy is a G made up ages ago but for me it’s that word. So I described my idea of whoosy. It’s the feeling I got when I first saw Pinky and the Mountain Man. I think for me if I was to ever date someone else there has to be that feeling first. Every time it isn’t there things go poorly. Another instance of trusting my gut.

My gut also says listen to the song in my head when I wake up. Today’s song was “Manic Monday” and so far it’s been born out. This morning, running late to work, I got in my car, turned the key and …... nothing. The car didn’t even turn over. The lights when on though so I knew it wasn’t the battery. Frantically texting Pinky while trying to figure out what I could do tomorrow at work to make up for not beign able to go in today and then replanning my at home to do list because if I am going to stay home I might as well get things done and also trying to figure out how to get the car fixed or what we would have to do if we were without a car for a while etc etc etc when the boy sent me a text that simply said “is the car in gear”. Buh? what? *looked at shift* oh.... duh...and off I went.

Finally couch time! Totally bumpy day in a small bumpy way. Now it’s time to do something silly and let my mind clear itself.


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