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 Or maybe woodsmoke. Not sure but man does it smell good. One of the best things about this time of year are the rich smells that are found everywhere. THe colder it gets the more this little polar bears shakes off her summer torpor.

  Work is becoming .... odd. Now that the initial shock of the filing has worn off things are slowly slipping back into the old routine. The undercurrent is a little tense but no one really feels everything is at an end. I think in the end no matter what things here will be ok. However I did learn that one of my favorite people will be leaving for a new job at the end of this month. Of all the people who have come and gone while I have been there they will be one I will miss quite a bit. I hope the new place understands what an awesome person they are getting.

 My bosses boss has also started assigning me jobs outside my job description without asking me. Not sure how to take it as most of my new assignments are things he used to do such as oversee the CPR/First aid classes and take charge of the Hazmat trailer. They are little things but ..I don't know. Something is tickling my nose about this one. For now it's head down, keep working, doing my best and keep an open mind.

 They have also approved my education assistance so there is no turning back now. It looks like the coming year will be one of learning on all fronts.

 In other news we have a new fridge! The old one finally died on us and has been consigned to whatever grave yard Harvest Gold appliances go. All I have to do now is get used to the door opening from the other side and fill it with all that yummy, healthy food we need.

Koad- new beginnings. LIttle ones but they were there today. :)


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