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 Today was my appointment with the endocrinologist to discuss the test results on the nodule on my thyroid. With the fat girl in me firmly convinced all my problems with weight gain are tied to this Lump in I went humming along. After the usual questions: headache, heat/cold intolerance, achy joints, bowel movements, depression etc. etc. and a quick feel of my neck the doctor told me he was going to order a fine needle aspiration. This means that we are now leaning on the side of a cyst or tumor of some sort. The doctor, whose last name is Cooper by the way so yes, every time I hear "Dr. Cooper"  a little voice in my head says "bazinga!" and it makes me smile, assures me that it's no big deal as 90-95% of these things turn out benign and the ones that are malignant are simply removed and life goes on.

Up until now I had been waiting to hear how my thyroid issues were affecting my over all health. They aren't so now I go to plan B which is stop fucking around and start thinking about what I am doing.

 I also have my entire winter reading list on it's way. A book on Slavic cooking, Getting Things Done, First Man of Rome, Forest Forensics and a heap more. 

 Work has been .. odd. People walking around trying to pretend things are normal while we wait and see if they will be. More than myself I am afraid for my boss. He is a great guy and I am not liking the ugly rumors swirling about his job.

  Well, time to go read and digest what the doctor told me. Night all.

Oh and that new icon is the coat of arms of the Kurowski clan. Making slow but odd progress on that front.


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