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We all fall down!

  The last few weeks my cards have been wrning me that it's time to slow down and really absorb everything that happens around me. To that end I am taking October off so I can stay home and focus on those things I would like to learn. I was suppose to start last week but ....

My entire week last week was spent battling a cold, migraines caused by my period and an infection that had my lymph nodes swolllen and painful. Nothing says "uphill battle" like bleeding, dripping nose, sweats and to top it all off *shudder* mouth breathing. Every moment I wasn't at work or the doctors was spent laying on the couch either trying not to move so my head didn't break into a thousand pieces or or trying to find a way to work up the energy to accomplish basic tasks like shower. It was so bad that I actually forgot I was suppose to work yesterday until they called me 15 minutes into my shift to ask if I was coming in.

That means this week is full of get all my shit done.
Monday I am working 5-9 because I just found out the girl who was suppose to work hurt herself and I guess I was the first fool to answer my phone.
Tuesday the ever patient Becka and Joe are having us for dinner. This will be the third reschedule they have put up with from us.
Wedensday is free but I did tell Rob I would head to Boston to see him while he is visiting and I hope that this is his only free day because it's my only free night.
Thursday is the High 5 rally and I am probably not going to get out of work until 5 then it's off to Igor's to help him with his invoices which  Iwas going to do on Friday but
Friday is Harvest at the Farm! I will be there all night
Saturday is PPD 7 am till 7 pm
Sunday is the Sunwheel at 10 followed by stuff with those people.

then i fall down Sunday night. How this week got so busy I honestly do not know. This puts me two weeks farther away from my goals and contributes a great deal to why I feel as if my brain is trying to follow a hundred different things at once. Focusing is a skill that seems to elude me at the moment. Hence my taking time off in October to really focus.

Being sick has done one thing for me though, I spent very little time online last week. KInda liked it. This has given me an idea. One of the things I have avoided in the last few years is time on the phone in favor of emails and text messages. For the next month we are going to flip things around, If you want to talk, call me. If I don't get to you right away leave a message and I will get back to you. My online time is going to drop severly so this may be the only way to touch base. If you don't have my number - drop me a line and I will send it to you. :)

ok, bedtime. Crazyass week starts soon.


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