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  This week there is an event called "Speak out with your Geek out" which is hoping to raise awareness of all things geeky in an effort to promote understanding of geek culutre. I figure while I am trying to sweat out this whatever it is I would write a little geekery.

 What am I geeky about? Food, table top gaming, good and bad science movies, quantum physics, hard science books and even fantasy ( I may be a bit of a George R.R. Martin fangirl) English history,

 Let me interrup here to say that Pinky and Bubba and I have just finished watching the first three seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" and as much as I love all things Sheldon there is something about that show that bothers me just a little. These guys are the stereotypical geeks. They have no life, they are scientist but oh so innocent in the ways of the world, they collect comic books and watch Star Trek and do all those things that geeks are expected to do. Excpet we are way more that that.

I like football, fishing, fashion. I am the proud mom of three great kids and step mom of two awesome kids too. I work in the service industry and I like it. I drive a station wagon. I watch America's Next Top Model as well as Nova and Masterpiece Theater. The Geeks of the last generation put a man on the moon and discoved DNA, the geeks of my generation gave us PC's, the internet and mapped the human genome. The geeks of the next generation gave us Facebbok, smartphones and the Large Haldron Collider and the generation after that will also do amazing things.

Yet sports figures will still make more than pretty much every educator in this country and even the big news outlets that now have entire sections of their staff reporting on geek culture *coughCNNcough* will do so with an air of superiority to those nerds they are reporting on.

The average person will always look down on geeks because we are passionate about things. We can sit for hours lost in discussion about what should replace the shuttle program or the merits (or not) of D&D 4th ed because we love, we care and this firghtens most people. We are willing to embrace the unknown instead of fear it. We are full of curiosity, hope, intellect and not ashamed of it. Beyind our lives of work and home are worlds too vast to comprehend and so small we can only see them in the most complexly beautiful mathimatical equasions and we want to know and see it all. They don't understand how to see beyond themselves so they put down what they cannot understand. As a geek I hope that one day we can get those who do not understand that deep down inside there is a small spark of curiosity in even the most mundane amoung us and all we need to is find out what they are geeky about to bridge that gap.

 Ok, now I take some meds and sleep. Be excellent to one another and Geek on my friends.


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