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There are times when I feel as if I have no connection to the things I am trying to learn. It's as if there is a need to know something without making a connection then move on. Not sure if this is a product of the bipolar or not but learning something is not the same as knowing it and I know there are many things I have learned but do not know.
Today I came upon this article on how to reach your life goals. Smaller steps, public proclimations, rewards. Done them all. The one thing I don't know if I have done yet is take them seriously. There will be some serious consideration on that this week.

How do you focus on a subject? Do you prefer to have several irons in the fire or one at a time until you master it? Why does that method work for you?

Goals for this month -

break down of goals- September to lose 5 lbs and increase moving.
add each week
+1 veggie/fruit serving a day
+1 day of moving 30 minutes
-1 lb. per week.
Finish book on NE forrest
finish book on basic brewing

this week only- track foods for 7 days in a row


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