Jul. 30th, 2011

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 So let's talk about these visitations I have been having lately from our lovely Mr. Hawk. Yes Hawk in my head feels male. Some animals are male some female and some gender neutral. Its my interpretation, deal with it. ;) 

  Hawk is focus, leadership, roots, the long view, visions and change, oh the change. In Celtic lore Hawk tells us to examine our roots to see what is relevant to us and what needs to be left behind. Tradition is nice but can hold us back. In Native America lore Hawk is the messenger of the gods and warns us to keep an eye our for messages. Change is coming. Even in Egyptian myth Hawk represents the shapeshifting of Isis and the seeing of Horus.

 What does all this mean to me? time to stop beating the "in my day" drum and move on. You can never go back. While the knowledge of what has been done is nice it's useless if it prevents you from seeing other options.
Focus. The time for bullshit is past.
Change is coming so be prepared. Transformation both inner and outer. There is a tension in the air like a rubber band pulled too tight. Gotta do what I can to be ready for the snap.


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