Jul. 29th, 2011

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  It's nice to see you back. Hopefully it won't be a temporary thing again.

So much going on over here at Dom Hagar I am not even sure where to begin.

The Hagarettes are up for the summer and the kind of fun chaos that only young kids bring reigns. It has caused a few kerfuffles in our scheduling but we adapt and adjust. What it did do is wreak havoc with some of my other plans. *looks guiltily at the garden* *pushes the scale back under the bed* Kids first though yes? :)

Vacation on tap in about 4 days! The chant can now begin "After Vegas, After Vegas, After Vegas" So much to do but at this point it will all have to wait until .... well, you know.

 My poor garden is sorely neglected. Right now the choices are between emergency weeding in the hopes of salvaging something and calling it a total loss and planning ahead for falls prep work etc. Lesson learned. There are also some indoor plants on the way I am hoping to work magic with. The most important thing is that I stop treating this like the internet and start treating it like real life. You know what I mean.

Food trucks! I am becoming obsessed with food trucks and I see them as one of the next inevitable steps away from civilized dining and to organic, basic more real food. Yes much of it is not as healthy as you would think but out there are gems of deliciousness. 

Ok, now I am getting nervous that LJ will lose this post on me. Better get it up there before disaster strikes. Wish me luck! 
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Come baby let's go boogie! 

maybe not so much. Goddess knows what I did to my heel (nothing Lisa you are just old) but once again it is problematic. Luckily tomorrow's work consists of sitting and answering phones so there should be time for it to heal.

The last two weeks I have been visited by hawks every day. From a hawk that lands in front of my car in the morning on the way to work to the one calling yesterday and last week while I hung out laundry. Not sure how long he has been trying to get my attention because I only started to noticed after the second time he landed in front of my car in two days. Anyone want to venture a guess what He is trying to tell me?

 The recent LJ downtime had me wondering how I was going to keep track of some of the things I need to keep track of. For the most part they have been here. After five minutes of debating with myself the merits of LJ vs. notebook my brain finally went "Notepad you git" My handwriting is less than stellar so this is the solution for me.

 So much to do. Part of my vacation will be filled with planning and plotting.

Oh yes,


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