Jun. 12th, 2011

sylvari: (Sekhmet)
Holy goodness gracious! This past week has been filled with way too much activity. Between work and work and work. This week seemed just packed with too much stuff and not enough time. Hopefully this week will be filled with a few more domestic pursuits. FOr the moment there are cards to be read.

First card

Deer (NA)- Deer is calling for you to find the gentleness of spirit that heals. Stop pushing for others to change and love them as they are. Becomes warm and caring. This is how to solve your present dilemma.

I am in a dilemma? drat. Despite my not posting, this is the second week my cards have suggested I heal others. I will try.

second card

Wolf (NA(R)- Wolf here is asking you to expand your knowledge of the present situation. This entails courage to look at things from a different perspective. To live is to grow, to expand sometimes means coming to dead ends. Look for teachers for they are everywhere.

I am interested to see how this one plays out.


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