Jun. 2nd, 2011

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Obligatory PSA- yes we had wind, rain and hail. Bubba and I headed home and drove right into the edge of the first tornado but other than that things here at the homestead are good. The storms didn't even blow the chairs out of our yard. My heart goes out to all those who did not fare as well as we did.

The yard is shaping up slowly but slowly. Garden is in, peppers of 5 varieties, three different squashes, peas, herbs, melons, salad greens, strawberries and umm... something else I am drawing a blank on because I am a little tired. The grapes still have to be moved to their new location as well as some of the raspberries. We are slowly reclaiming the patio too.

Last week the mower broke. Poor Pinky tried to save it but in the end it was just two old and gave up the ghost in one massive pull. We replaced it with a bagging mower which not only means less raking but more grass for the compost bin. Between that and an almost overflowing rain barrel I am hopeful that we will get this greener garden thing going soon. Today on the radio I heard an advertisement for some sort of chemical to put on your garden to help things grow. The big selling point? that there was no manure smell. What??? Let me get this straight- the reason you want me to poison my food is because you want me to avoid the completely natural scent of compost. Good goddess! I am not that delicate a flower. Neither are my flowers!

So much to do and I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. Guess I will just have to figure out how to make more hours. Maybe they can be crocheted?


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