Apr. 18th, 2011

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New format! I am adding the iChing to my list of things I should know so along with my weekly animal cards there will be an iChing reading to boot.
Are you excited? I am. Let's go see what is going on this week shall we?

First card -

Salmon (C)- Salmon is here to help you get back to your beginnings no matter what that will be. Keep an attitude of openness and innocence rather than strong-headed determination. This will be the path to wisdom and inspiration.

this will be amusing when we get to the iChing reading. honest.

Second card -

Crane (C)(R)-Crane is here to teach balance. Try to find a balance between being alone and with people. Ask yourself to what extent you are trying to deny something in yourself which has you leaning to being alone or immersed in social buzz.

balance dear is what it is all about. finding your feet. :)


Khwan - Earth. Receptive. Follow.
This hexagram is made up of two trigrams of Kun or Earth.It is the female receptive counterpoint to the first hexagram which is male creative energy. The Earth is receptive to creative energy and lends their strength to that idea. Khwan is a mare- strong, powerful, intelligent but needing direction. Keep yourself open and ready to follow that which lights your way whether that is a person or principle.

So looks like this is the week to relax and wait to see what comes my way. To be ready to spring on it. Interesting.


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