Apr. 10th, 2011

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Well another week of fun and frustration has passed. There have been some low moments and some good ones too. Just like life is. Crazy how that works eh? Mercury is in retrograde and now Pluto is as well. With Scorpio being tied to Pluto there will be an awful lot of examination of my life in the next five months. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those times of chaos and life shifts. I also have a sinking feeling it starts this week...

and this is why-

First card

Blank (C)(NA)- I pulled the blank card from the Celtic deck first. Normally when this happens I pull an extra card for a little more clarification. My second card was one of the two blanks from the Native American deck. Well I may be a little slow but even I got this one. This week is up to the Universe. Just leave myself open to the experience. See? Adventure.

Second card
Dog (C)(NA) Examine the loyalty and faithfulness of you or those around you. If you find it difficult to make friends ask yourself how much of that is fear of faithlessness. Cu will help you develop the qualities of selflessness and trust that will nurture close relationships. Just keep in mind that sometimes that can go too far. A dog is sometimes too anxious to please even a cruel master.

Interesting. Selflessness again.

Should be an interesting week kids.
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There is a commercial on some channel or another in which someone says "I wake up every morning on a diet and go to bed every night a failure"

My god those could have been my words.Part of me understands that feeling all too well. The daily sense of failure that can sometimes haunt anyone who struggles every day with their weight. There is this switch in my head that goes off and on - first thing in the am it's all "I will be good today" but when it comes time to choose the switch goes off and it's "Grab something quick and filling" or "Fuck you world I am going to stuff myself because I am angry/hurt/tired/sad/stressed" .

No more diets, no more food watching, just calories in and calories out with a focus on mostly good for me food.

We shall see. After all it's not failure if you keep trying. Right?


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